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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Volante's Main Dining Area in Baguio City

I have read good things about Pizza Volante when I was researching for places to eat out in Baguio City, so there was absolutely no hesitation when I finally got to visit the place to try out their famed pizzas.

Pizza Volante is located near the lower end of the very busy Session road.  Fronting it is the stairs leading the the Baguio Cathedral.  The resto has a very loose and relaxed ambience, the colors are nice and are complimented with interesting photographs.  It sort of blends itself to Session Road without actually taking in the street’s busy nature.  The staff are quite friendly and serving time is quite fast.

We asked the waitress what their best-selling pizza is, and she said it is the Kenny George, so Kenny George it is.  We Baguio's Pizza Volante, View Towards Session Roadalso ordered one of their combo meal, a chicken, pasta and pizza dish.

The 8” pizza costs Php148.00 so we were actually expecting something good.  We unfortunately were disappointed with it.  The crust was good actually, but if the crust is all you can recall with a pizza, well, there must be something wrong.  And it’s not that the pizza actually tasted bad, it just taste really ordinary and flat. 

Next up was the combo meal, again, the pizza included was no great shakes (I think the one included with the meal was a Hawaiian flavored one).  The pasta was okay but again not really that fantastic.  Now, the chicken was actually tasty. But as I sliced deeper, deep red blood oozed out from it.

Now I am not really a picky eater.  I eat almost anything, (well, anything except Ampalaya) I can even tolerate a few blood clots on chicken legs.  But this is different, the blood is actually dripping down to our plate.

Now me being always the pacifist, called up the waitress politely and asked her if she can have the chicken leg cooked again.  She politely apologized and brought the bloody thing back to their kitchen.  I was actually tempted to ask for a replacement instead, but again the pacifist in me thinks that these things happen and are really not to be blamed on people, I guess chicken legs are really quite hard to fry inside out.

A few minutes later, my chicken is finally well done.  Everything is almost okay, only thing is they served the chicken on the same plate they took from me.  And they didn’t even bothered to wipe off the blood that has previously dripped down.  So as I lifted the chicken, there’s a puddle of fresh red blood under it.

Now for a restaurant that is supposedly one of the best in Baguio, I was actually surprised at how things turned out with my visit here.  It might also be just a rare occasion of things going wrong all at once, but I am sorry to say that Pizza Volante has now been crossed out on my next visits to Baguio.

Now if the bloody incident did not happen, how would I rate Pizza Volante.  I’d say the place looks really nice so I give props to them for that.  The food however was so average and considering it is priced a bit steep .  So I’d have to say that it’s money not well spent.


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  1. wow volante messed up big time this time. this used to be one of our "must visit" restos along session, but after the incident, i wont think twice visiting this place again.

  2. Lestat
    They definitely did mess up. Too bad though, because aside from Chow King, their place is one of the few that are open 24 hours.

  3. Thanks for the post. Am haunting a good place to visit and good thing I read your post.

  4. Poker Francais, thanks for dropping by! Definitely try out Kidlat Tahimik's resto in Baguio, Oh My Gulay!

    Check it here:

  5. Price for 8" not bad. Thanks for posting.

  6. Hope they would be sensitive enough to know that they need to do QA before serving.

  7. Casino Onlline
    Not really bad for an 8" pizza but the flavor could have been stronger.

    machine a sous
    I hear you.

  8. same here! I always ask for the best selling dish as I really don't want to spoil my dinner.. specially if it's my first time in a resto. (at lalo na kung mamahalin. hahah!) ewwnesss naman yun! Buti na lang tapos na lunch pagkabasa ko nito. Sayang naman sila. (nakaka-awa ang crew pag nasesante sa mga ganitong eksena. Good thing you were able to remain cool) Thanks for sharing.

  9. owww, messy bloody chicken turns off your appetite... I also experience it in a certain resto in SM Mall of Asia.

  10. Malditang "Kura"cha, Ian
    Yuckness ika nga haha. Anyways, move on na lang, dami naman other restos sa Session Road