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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The UST Main BuildingUST Main Building

A few nights before Christmas, tired and weary from the long hours and usual going-ons at the office; I decided to revisit my alma mater before the season ends and they pack the bright lights off.

I left home around mid-afternoon hoping to catch the golden light spill across the majestic Main Building, but alas, the sky seemed foreboding of rain.  The sun is hiding, gray all around.

Luck of luck, it did rain while I was rushing my way via the LRT train.

But all was not lost, it seemed that I would still get my break.  The rain started to fizzle off as I arrived at the oldest university this side of Asia.

Time to find my spot. I pulled up my tripod, readied my remote, mounted my camera, set it at f/8 and peered into the viewfinder. 

Finally, peace and relaxation.

The Fountain at the front right of the University Benavides Plaza The Fountain at the front left of the University

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  1. the third and last photo looks really magical...

  2. Nice! I remember sketching Fra Angelico back in '96. Photos look really sharp and vivid. How I wish I can turn back the time.

  3. Anonymous
    You can always go back at Uste and sketch the buildings there to your heart's content. =]

  4. i didn't realize UST looks like this at night! you have a way of transforming place! ehehehe

  5. Fetus
    Uy UST really looks magical at night, no photo magic on that =)

  6. i meant your eye on such angles that makes it look different. :)

  7. Bro,you are a gem. You make us co- Thomasians very proud! Way to go!

  8. idol! just great shots! :)
    your pictures do justice to wherever you go sir!
    an inspiration to all who aspire to be photographers

  9. Jaycee
    Thank you Jaycee, UST's a nice place to practice photography. Hindi bawal mag shoot sa campus :)