METRO MANILA | Legaspi Sunday Market at Makati

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Suman Being Sold at Legazpi's Sunday Market

Hungry for something fresh on a sunny Sunday morning?  Check out a little parcel of parking space cum marketplace tucked in one of Ayala’s side streets and discover a breakfastful of delights. 
The Legaspi Sunday Market started out as a selling area for residents of Barangay San Lorenzo back in 2005 and has been attracting crowds every weekend since.  It opens at seven in the morning and closes down at two in the afternoon.  Perfect for early-birds and not-so-early risers.

To get there, just take any bus passing Ayala Avenue and board down at the bus stop near Rufino Towers.  Then, walk along Hererra street (the right side if you are facing towards Glorietta) until you reach a parking lot with lots of tents.  You won’t miss it for sure. 

LemonsWhatever you want for breakfast, they have right here.

Your grandma's lutong bahay, street food turo-turo specialties, all-American hardcore hamburgers, crunchy German sausages, creamy pastas of every kind. 

Filipino, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and French dishes; they have it.

If for some reason and you’re not into food, worry not, you can still enjoy the place as you can also shop around too.  They have books on sale, fresh veggies and herbs, custom made perfumes, colorful paintings, boxes of every kind, antique furniture, fun accessories, healthy slippers, knick-knacks of every imagination and almost anything kooky that you can think of.

And since the market is being held on a Sunday; Catholic Masses are also celebrated in the area. 

Definitely a good way to end your week; refresh your soul, and right after; your stomach.

Pie Galore! Food Buffet Baclavas Pies Pies Pies!

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  1. Thanks Kat! Masarap nga jan, punta na! =)

  2. i love these weekend markets. amazing finds, great food: items not sold just anywhere. last time we're here, i brought home a 500 ml bottle of pure olive oil for just Php 180! that's 500ml, mind you. papaver cant be any happier, olive oil for his pulutan nga naman, sosyal. hehe. but seriously, free taste pa lang dito, minsan, busog ka na.

    looking at your pictures makes my mouth water. i want a chicken pie now na! :P

    the chicken pie [that's the rightmost photo at the bottom] may be a bit heavy on the pocket for Php 50 a piece, but am telling you, it's really siksik. no scrimping on chicken meat and stuffing here. wow i badly want a chicken pie right now.

    punta kayo! for a weekend food tripping with your family and friends :>

  3. Mukhang maganda rin ang presentation ng food at products nila ah! Thanks for directing us to your blog from flickr. ;-)

  4. Lestat
    Definitely the place to go on Sundays!

    Thanks for dropping by bro!

  5. brad try the salcedo market... mas ok dun... food and view wise ;p

  6. Ton Oo nga, setting pala mas maganda na sa Salcedo talaga, bisitahin namin yun pag naging night shift na ulit hehe

  7. Miss ko na hometown ko! Napapadaan din ako dati dito sa place na'to and dito ako believe sa ugaling Pinoi. We celebrate LIFE in general.
    I miss the old Makati though...
    nagutom ako bigla sa mga kuha mo dre!

  8. Dondonbridz
    Tagal ko na rin di nabisita ng Makati, di ko pa rin nga napupuntahan yung Saturday Market sa Salcedo.

    Bili ka muna Suman dyan sa inyo. =]

  9. hehe, walang suman dito sa Qatar. Inip nako makauwi sa December kaya maigi ito nagba-browse ng photoblogs mo parang nasa 'Pinas na din ako.