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Baguio City's Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant

My impromptu three-day plan to visit Baguio City has suddenly morphed into a longer trip. I was already here, I thought why not revisit Sagada too? It’s been a few years since my first sojourn to the Shangrila of the North and my first stop before proceeding there was of course breakfast; a good breakfast, a Good Taste breakfast.

So there I was in the early hours of dawn, looking for the Dangwa Bus station for my ticket to Sagada. I heard good things about a certain Good Taste restaurant that serves mean meals without breaking the bank within the vicinity. Perfect for my dwindling funds.

Cafeteria Interiors at Baguio City's Good TasteThe resto is located right inside the bus station and since my ride won’t be leaving for an hour, I quickly went inside for some morning grub. The interiors doesn’t look like much. It rather resembles a huge school cafeteria complete with Formica tables and plastic Orocan chairs. But what sets this apart from other carinderias in Baguio City is their food.

Bell Hop Conveyor at Baguio City's Good TasteI ordered a chicken chopseuy rice which cost me Php75.00 and watched as servers take down other customer’s orders from a bell-hop type conveyor located in the middle of the restaurant. It was kinda cool to see this kind of contraption; I haven’t seen anything like it since I was a little kid.

Chopseuy Chicken Rice Meal at Baguio City's Good TasteMy food arrived a moment later. It came with servings of veggies and fried sunny side up egg on the sides; a bargain for its price. I love the veggies but didn’t like the pork bits that came with it. The eggs were okay but I would’ve preferred them scrambled (which I forgot to ask them to do). The chicken, which is really the star of the show, delivered as promised. The skin was of course very tasty but so was its meat, which isn’t usually the case with such dishes.

Good Taste definitely lived up to its moniker. The trip to Sagada would take at least six hours of bus ride and it was an excellent way to fill my tummy before starting my second leg of my northern journey.

Baguio Location Map

Good Taste Café and Restaurant
Address: Harrison Road near Burnham Park, Baguio City
Telephone: 443-7959
Open Hours: Open 24 Hours
Menu: Click Here

GPS Coordinates: 16.416234,120.596355
View Location on Google Maps: Click Here


Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Monday, March 4, 2013


  1. I saw one of this close to Burnham. A blogger friend recommended me to eat here and try their chicken. Unfortunately I wasnt able to try it. Looking forward sa Sagada trip mo.

    1. Yes I think meron nga daw malapit sa Burnham pero di ko pa rin nakita or natry :)

  2. Their pancit canton here is half pancit, half fresh veggies. Priced is a little over 100 lang. So dito ako nag-practice kumain ng gulay. Everything here is good and buttery, and reminds me of Ginisa Flavor Mix, kaya this became a fave of mine. <3

    1. Hahaha natawa naman ako sa "dito ako nagpa-practice kumain ng gulay" :D

  3. Ok din pag group kayo kakain dyan.. large servings at affordable prices.. :) try their buttered chicken. It's my favorite.. :D

    1. sabi nga raw nila the best yung buttered chicken, at ang dami pa ng servings :)

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  5. I remember my first encounter with this meal (vegies with sunny side on top) was decades ago along halsema highway on my way to buguias. I was still a teenager then and i loved it as i do until now. I guess it's a popular meal in the cordillera and it's older than chicken joy.