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Baguio City’s Bell Church

I know I’ve been saying how I’ve been to Baguio City countless times, but I’ll say it again; but this time, with a twist. I’ve been to Baguio City countless of times but I have never ever been to one of its more famous tourist attractions, the distinctly Chinese, Bell Church.

Afternoon Shadows Cast by Balustrades at Baguio City’s Bell ChurchNow I really don’t know why I’ve never even stepped foot at the gates of this temple. It may probably be due to it’s out of the way location, which is literally just a hop away from the city limits. Or maybe I was just not interested, watching people while having a cheap cup of coffee at Burnham Park has always been enough for me while in Baguio.

Stairway to Baguio City’s Bell ChurchThe only reason I entered the Bell Church really was that the jeep I was riding en route to the Strawberry Farm passed its gate. Ah so that’s where that Chinese temple is located, I thought to myself. Somehow it got me all curious, so I went back to the area that very same afternoon.

Crossing a Small Brook En Route to Baguio City’s Bell ChurchNow why Bell Church? I’m really not seeing huge bells around, the only ones I noticed were the few regular-sized ones topping the temple’s many red, yellow and green gates. And church? I’ve read that this is a prim and proper Taoist Temple. I’m guessing the local moniker stuck since Bell Church is easier to remember than Taoist Temple and besides, it’s two syllables less than its proper name.

Curious Wall Inscribed with Chinese Writings at Baguio City’s Bell ChurchThe first thing I noticed as I entered the temple was the concrete stairs with undulating walls. Right along it were Chinese inscriptions. I have no idea what they represent but after seeing a few written in western words alongside, I’m thinking they might be names. Now names of what, Donors? Possibly.

Dragon Details at Baguio City’s Bell ChurchThe pathways leading to the temple above the hill are littered with all sorts of Chinese markings, green-scaled dragons and lions. If I counted correctly, I passed not less than four ornate Paifangs or Chinese gates before reaching the main temple. I’m almost convinced I’m not in Baguio City if not for the cool weather.

Baguio City’s Bell Church and the Lotus Pond in FrontA lotus pond, also used as some sort of wishing well, is situated at the center of the court fronting the temple. Unfortunately, photographs are not allowed inside the main “church” so I didn’t enter its premises anymore. Besides, I’m not really sure if curious travelers are even allowed to go in.

Students Taking a Breather at Baguio City’s Bell ChurchThere were a few students and tourists inside the grounds; I guess Bell Church isn’t really as popular as I thought it to be. But to be honest, I liked it better that way, less people, less noise; quieter time alone. This is a temple after all and people cheekily posing in front of the cameras seemed ill fit and mildly disrespectful to the place.

Hillside Pagodas at Baguio City’s Bell ChurchMulti-tiered Pagoda’s dot the hills surrounding the area. I love how they seemed to mimic the towering trees they stand side by side with. It all seemed very mysterious and eastern-like to me. Very Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon as westerners would probably say.

Almost Sunset at Baguio City’s Bell ChurchThe central patio has a panoramic view of the surrounding area and as the sun readied to set, I started romanticizing how mesmerizingly beautiful the Bell Church is gonna look with its proud red and green gates, its ornate buildings, its soaring pagodas, the lush old trees. It’s the perfect romantic location with a partner in tow. I hazily walked around and saw a signboard haphazardly posted along the grass. Bawal mag-date dito (No Dating Allowed). Oh well, I guess I have to remind myself too, this is a temple after all.

Baguio Location Map

Bell Church | Baguio Taoist Temple
Address: Magsaysay Ave., Baguio City
Telephone: (0917) 355-4788
Open Hours: 7:00AM – 5:00PM
Entrance Fee: Free

GPS Coordinates: 16.431876,120.598431
Click to View Location on Google Maps

Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Saturday, February 16, 2013


  1. Nasa itinerary ko ang bell church this coming week for my Baguio trip pero baka i cancel ko na lang... dami kasing pupunthan kami e

  2. Christian, ganda nung last pic... nakapa-panoramic at yung timing ng sun sa right side - simply gorgeous shot!

    1. Thanks Ian. Sayang lang di abot ng sunset yung open hours nila

  3. it's much much vibrant from what i remembered it to be.. but then, i last visited it when i was a kid.. :) nice shots..

    1. Mukhang matagal tagal ka nang nalayo sa Baguio ah :)

  4. Kala ko Taoist Temple sa Cebu eh.

    1. Parang di ko napuntahan yung sa Cebu. Is it nice too? :)

  5. hi.. good afternoon... plano sana namin magpunta dyan next week.. bukas po kaya ito sa August 21 kahit regular holiday.... what days po ba ito open? Thanks po.. :)

    1. As far as I know, Baguio Bell Church is open everyday even on holidays