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After more than an hour of hiking through sticky mud and light rain, the amphitheater-shaped terraces of Barangay Batad in Banaue finally came into view.

The Batad Rice Terraces is said to be the most beautiful of the five UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Ifugao, scoring points against its other counterparts in Banaue, Hungduan and Kiangan. Although I’m not one to compare, I’d have to agree that Batad’s raw beauty is just breathtaking.

Enclosed by a circular wall of mountains, the rice terraces of Batad forms an amphitheater-like shape that’s simply a beauty to behold. A small village cradled at the heart of the terraces, part of the minimal indication of human settlement in the terraces, actually makes the view more surreal. Beyond it, the walls soar into giant steps of green that seems to reach for the heavens.

We arrived just in time for the Ahitulu Rituals, it was the start of harvest season in Batad. Three huge pigs were tied down and the elders of the village led by their Mumbaki were chanting, drinking rice wines and dancing. The rites last for hours and since we were pressed for time, we were given permission to witness the harvesting of rice at the terraces of Batad even before the ritual ended.

Before the trek down to the green paddies, we were offered tapuy served on coconut shells. It was said that one must always accept such offerings as declining so means disrespect for the locals. Good thing I like wine and gladly drank from the bowl.

With warm tapuy streaking down my gullet, we proceeded with our march towards the harvest. The hike was even harder than the previous trek to the viewpoint. The path was narrower, more precarious and much more slippery.
We wound through the walls of the mountains with the view of the terraces on our right. The sight was so amazing it was easy to lose your concentration on the trek, trip and fall down the ravine. I held off taking photos for a bit for safety’s sake.

Half an hour later, we finally arrived at the harvest site. The harvesting has already ended but we really didn’t mind. If the view from the view deck was already breathtaking, the view from where we were standing then was even more beautiful.

The vista sweeps from the towering mountains on our left, swiftly glides down into the bowl of Batad and rises and falls again into the slopes of the green mountains. The misty clouds roll by, completely blocking our view for some minutes before again revealing the beauty of the terraces in the next.

During our hike towards the mountain farmlands, we met a few local harvesters. Most of them gamely stopped and posed for our cameras and one even took the time to chat with us. He relates how the grains they were reaping were mostly being made into wines and not for rice. It was more practical to do this he says as tapuy or rice wines generally fetch a higher price than mountain rice.

Our reverie was disrupted by the heavens which again decided to shell us with rain and we took this to be a sign for us to go back to the village. With our eyes already satiated from the generous view of the Batad Rice Terraces, it was our rumbling stomach’s turn to get full.

Batad Rice Terraces
Address: Barangay Batad, Banaue, Ifugao

Batad Saddle Point
GPS Coordinates: 16.923123,121.126751
Click to view location on Google Maps

Batad Rice Terraces
GPS Coordinates: 16.93519,121.134911
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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Friday, August 10, 2012


  1. OMG those pictures are so beautiful!

  2. ganda ng timing!
    harvest time, the rice looks just ripe..

  3. i saw a deal on cash cash pinoy, trip to batad. looking at these pictures make me wanna take it!

  4. I am so inggit na inggit lang naman!

  5. The view is a reward from a tiring walk and trek in going to this place, isn't Christian. :-). Ganda talaga ng Batad. One of the Wonders parin in the world.

  6. grabe naman! amazing photos! amazing greens!~

  7. Ms. Chuniverse
    Thank you :)

    Francis Balgos
    We were so lucky our trip was just in time for their harvest season :)

    Marjorie Gavan
    Go Marj! Time your trip during harvest season and you won't regret it

    Haha sayang kasi!

    Tama sir Bonz!

    Amazing greens indeed :)

    Thank you sir!

  8. Tunay na hagdan hagdan talaga na akala mo papuntang langit... You captured the beauty of the rice terraces. 'Loved all the very detailed and clear photos kahit mukhang maulan. Sana makapunta ako dyan.

  9. Ian
    Haha ang hirap magpicture, I had my camera wrapped with a plastic almost the whole time :P

  10. definitely looks like the best among the rest out there.. beautiful shots you got there.. :)

  11. Rian
    Thanks Rian, Batad is definitely the best terraces in the region

  12. i have seen the one with the viewing deck in banaue just along the highway and i was already in awe how much more if i see this..but i dont have the guts to hike those narrow paths it scares the s#*! out of me...again kudos to you :-)

    1. Anonymous, if I can do it, you definitely can too! I'm no mountaineer :)

  13. Meron ka bang post about how to get to Batad Rice Terraces saka where to stay? Gusto kong magpunta but know so little about the place. Pangalawa pa lang ito sa mga blogs na nabasa kong may post about Batad.

    1. Sorry I haven't really stayed in Batad yet, although there are inns and homestays you can stay in while in Batad :)