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Mayon Skyline Gazebo Overlooking Albay

Our van was snaking along ever upwards; our driver, still unable to believe that we were climbing the perfect cone of one of the country’s deadliest volcano.

Mayon Volcano has erupted forty-nine times in recorded history, the most recent of which was in 2008. According to Wikipedia, it is currently weakly erupting since January this year and may be building up to a massive eruption some time in the future.

Our current destination was a park halfway through its slopes, the Mayon Skyline View Deck.

Gazebo's Lined Up on the Panoramic View of the ParkLocated on the eastern side of Mayon, 2,700 feet from sea level, this recreational area has a grand view of Albay and the Pacific Ocean. From its numerous gazebos, you can clearly see the towering mountains of Malinao and Masaraga; shift towards the east and you’ll see the panoramic Tabaco Bay. The weather here is cool, somewhat similar to that of Tagaytay’s, due to its elevation. (Aside from the weather, the abandoned buildings on the lower level of the Skyline, the zipline, and the gazebos with its sweeping panorama all remind me of Tagaytay).

But of course, our purpose here was to see Mt. Mayon; this might be the closest I can be to the famed (or infamous, depends on who you ask) volcano. Unfortunately, thick clouds obscured the view of its peak leaving us scratching our heads.

The Trail Up Overlooking the Park

I tried climbing a bit higher, walking through a short trail upwards, but still no joy. The cloud cover was really too heavy. There was nothing to do but climb back down and check out the cafeteria and the planetarium.

The cafeteria was just that, a cafeteria serving cafeteria food; nothing special here. There was also a gift shop inside, but it can be hardly called one due to lack of items for sale (dang, no ref magnets for me).

The Skyline PlanetariumThe dome-shaped blue-colored planetarium next door was ripe with visitors though, which were mostly kids. I haven’t been to a planetarium before and was interested in seeing what was inside, unfortunately we were really not gonna be staying long so I contented myself in taking a few photos of its lobby which were decorated with huge photos of stars and nebulas.

Inside the Planetarium LobbyI then proceeded down a winding concrete stairs outside that leads to an old abandoned building, and further on to a gazebo field, which is mostly a view deck where friends and family can share a snack or lunch. I climb back up using the road we passed on the way to the park and passed by vendors selling knives and bonsai plants. It seems bonsais thrive in cool weather, as there were a lot of them and they were being sold at cheap prices too (Php50.00).

An Abandoned Building below the ParkI bought a Php10.00 macaroni crackers from a vendor, poured in some vinegar and continued uphill where I passed an old concrete stairs leading up into the mountain. I asked one of the locals and she said that it leads to the old PAGASA station. No time to explore it though as my celphone beeped that it was time to go.

Mayon Skyline is actually a good place for an inexpensive family outdoor fun. Besides the grand view and cool weather, here you can share a picnic, climb a wall, hike, zip down the mountain and do all sorts of outdoorsy fun you can think of. Bring your own food and all you’ve got to spend is time (and some baby fat if you plan to hike all the way to the park).

The View from the Mayon Skyline


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Mayon Skyline View Deck
Mayon Volcano
Tabaco City, Albay


Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Friday, August 5, 2011


  1. Sayang, hindi nagpakita si Binibining Mayon, noong pumnta kami, ilang minutes din lang sya nagpakita tapos nagtago na ulit.

  2. A very refreshing place... As always, you shot them beautifully... :)

    World of Vhincci

  3. really looks like Tagaytay! wish we could go to Albay, too..
    you're photo of the trail with the sun is great! =)

  4. Claire
    Oo nga eh, wala tuloy ako kahit isang picture ng Mayon =(

    Thanks! Glad to see you back bro

    I wish I could have explored Albay more, next time maybe pag solo trip =P

  5. I feel the same way Christian! D ko din kasi sya nakita ng buo.

  6. lakwatsa galore nakarating ka na sa tinubuang lupa ko, great shots as always!

  7. parang tagaytay nga dito :>

  8. I'll repeat what others have said... parang Tagaytay nga! Hahaha.

  9. Tina
    Kainis no? Wala tuloy ako kahit isang shot ng Mayon haha

    Salamat! Bicolana ka nga pala no?

    Lestat, Robbie
    Parang Tagaytay talaga down to the cool weather hehe

  10. Pwede mag emo sa place na to...:)
    Ganda... :)

  11. I say the viewdeck on the first pic has a magnificent view of Mayon... It seems viewing Mayon in its full cone glory is elusive... I heard a lot of visitors failing to see it in full beautiful view... laging natatago ng ulap.

  12. tyempuhan pala talaga ang visibility ng mayon. i am yet to visit the place. i hope i get to visit it before the next major eruption.

  13. Tripper10
    Pwede hehe

    Ian, Karl
    Oo nga eh, swerte yung nakakakita ng Mayon ng buo ata