CAMARINES SUR | Caramoan Sunrise at Guijalo Port

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Guijalo Port Caramoan

Alarms sounded one after another as the clock struck 3AM. It was our last day in Caramoan and we have to make the first trip back to Sabang port in order to reach Mt. Mayon before noontime. Everyone scrambled to prepare their bags and luggage and an hour later, we were roaring off on two tricycles to Guijalo Port. I’ve never seen my cousins and aunts prepare this fast, knowing them, it was almost a miracle, haha.

Guijalo Port Caramoan

We arrived at the still dark port to find that the first trip back was still an hour away at 6AM. We were the first passengers in the port and, well, we have no choice but wait.

I unpacked my camera and tripod to while the time away. I wasn’t expecting grand morning lights here, I was just taking random snaps here and there when lo and behold, the sun glowed from the opposite mountain in full regalia (I really have to buy a compass, hehe).

Guijalo Port Caramoan

I never had the chance to shoot a sunrise (nor sunset) from the seas of Caramoan on the previous days and this, I think, was gonna be my only chance.

I hurriedly checked for good foregrounds and subjects but unfortunately found none (well, unless I go down the to the rocks near the water, which would probably freak out my aunt should she see me). Time to improvise. I asked my cousins and uncles to do candid poses against the rising sun. I got a keeper or two, which is enough for me.

Our boat arrived as the sun fully revealed itself behind the mountain. It was a great way to cap off our three-day stay at the Caramoan Peninsula.

Guijalo Port Caramoan


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Guijalo Port
Address: Caramoan Peninsula Camarines Sur, Bicol

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  1. first pic -- super winner!

  2. hay naku! gusto kong magmura! syet!!!
    hehehe. oi, if punta ka cebu, sana magmeet tayo. dami mo fans club dito. ako at si lakbay. lol

  3. awesome pics! Yeah, it's always good to have "props" like your friends...hehe.

  4. sa pier pa lang sulit na sulit ang view. nice shots.

  5. Amazing as always, kaya nga i love visiting your blog. Dito ko na lang ata mapapasyalan ang mga magagandang lugar na pinupuntahan mo eh! =)

  6. Kapag napadpad ka naman down under, meet din tayo, fan mo din ako :)

  7. Wala talaga akong masabi! Maganda na nga ang Caramoan, mas pinaganda mo pa lalo Christian! Amazing Pics :D

  8. super ganda ng shots!!
    anung UWA po gamit nyu?
    thanks! :P

  9. Wow, ang ganda naman ng sunrise shots! Ang ganda ng Caramoan! :)

  10. Lestat
    Thanks! That's an unposed shot hehe

    Haha salamat po, sa October punta kami ng Cebu =]

    That's what cousins and friends are for =P

    Dong Ho
    Oo nga nasaktuhan kami ng sunrise sa pier eh hehe

    Kalokang Pinay
    Salamat po sa pagbisita lagi =]

    Haha malabo ata ako makapunta sa Oz, ang mahal ng pamasahe ih =P

    Thanks idol!

    I'm using a Tokina 11-16mm po, thanks!

    Pier pa lang ng Caramoan panalo na diba =P

  11. Since I became a reader of LP, I've witnessed a lot of beautiful sunrises in different parts of the country. Thank you for sharing them. If I'm not wrong, you have this fascination to sunrises more than sunsets. :)

    World of Vhincci

  12. Vhincci
    Thank you for appreciating them bro!
    I'm not really partial to sunrises or sunsets, I love them both. =)

    Haha ganun? =P

  13. Hi Christian! May I know what camera you're using? :) Thanks!

  14. Tripper10
    Haha oo nga

    The Sunset Goddess
    I used my now obsolete Nikon D80 for all these shots =P