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Leslie's Bulalo

An outing in Tagaytay would never be complete without having Bulalo (stewed beef bone marrow with vegetables in broth) for lunch; the locale’s cool weather is just perfect for it. And one of the most convenient restaurant to have it is at Leslie’s.

It was however sweltering hot during our Tagaytay trip, but we still ordered Bulalo nonetheless, well, tradition says we do hehe.

Leslie’s has not changed much since the last time I went there. They still have the same weird-wood-vines interiors, same hard-sometimes-uncomfortable wooden furniture, same on-occasion-hard-to-call-attention staff, Leslie's Unique Interiorsame musical combo belting-out-modern-songs-kundiman-style, same expensive  huts-along-the-ridge-that-we’d-rather-eat-inside-the-resto-since-we-can’t-afford-them, but most importantly, the same super-excellent-huge-serving food.

The Bulalo at Leslie’s is simply hard to beat. I know there’s a better one at some obscure hole-in-the-wall eatery in Tagaytay, but I really have no clue how to get to that place, so Leslie’s is still the best one for me.

The meat is very tender and the soup (refillable!) mixed just right, not too salty and not too bland either. The veggies were okay too, though I personally wish there were less corn and more greens (or if it was also refillable haha). Their Bulalo experience would never be complete though without mixing a special dip for it; soy or fish sauce (depends on your preference), calamansi and hot pepper.

We were six in the group and we decided to order two bowls of Bulalo (Php599.00 good for at least three persons) and two sizzling plates of Sisig (Php160.00 good for at least two persons) to pair it with. Superb as everything was, we were simply bowled over by the serving size and were almost unable to finish everything off.

The only thing missing really was the cool Tagaytay weather; we were sweating like hot dogs after our meal at Leslie’s.

Leslie's Crispy SisigThe View from the HutsLeslie's Outdoor Huts Leslie's Vined Interiors


Click to view Location on Google Maps Leslie’s Restaurant
Aguinaldo Highway Crossing, Silang
Tagaytay City, Cavite
(046) 413-1065

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Tuesday, May 3, 2011


  1. ang sarap tingnan nung bulalo! buhay na buhay! gusto ko na tuloy higupin yung monitor ko. nagutom ako bigla ah. gusto ko kumain nyan at i- (anong tagalog ng taktak? LOL) ah basta, get that stuff inside the bone marrow on my plate at kainin lahat sa isang subo. yum! ^_^

    nice place. sana makapunta rin ako dito balang araw.

  2. Kk-gutom! Hahaha! This is what I missed during our last visit :)

  3. I don't eat much beef anymore, but I'm always willing to put that policy aside for Leslie's bulalo! :D

    Thank you for the welcome back. Got overwhelmed by work and family and social obligations. First weekend just staying at home in two months! I get really, really sungit when that happens…

  4. haha, well those weird looking wooden tables, chairs & decors are everywhere, hirap sigurong baguhi yun, hehe. My dad loves their bulalo kaya't tuwing pupunta ng Tagaytay ay dumadaan dito. Ganda kasi ng view plus the food is good. Medyo maingay nga lang dahil sa madami na ngang tao e may tumutugtog pa! The little scary huts are romantic i suppose but way too expensive! =)

  5. Yum! favorite ko ang bulalo ng Leslie's sa Tagaytay, sakto sa gabing malamig pagkatapos mamasyal :)

  6. cant remember if i already tasted the one in leslie's. but lately ive tasted the one in batangas and in pampanga. the one in pamapnga is the best so far. i must try this.

  7. Doi
    Haha wag mo higupin monitor!!

    Try mo rin next time, pero hinay lang nakaka high blood daw ang bulalo =P

    Haha basta Leslie's Bulalo
    Glad to see you back ma'am =)

    Kalokang Pinay
    Ganda sana dun sa huts eh no, kaso ang mahal nga masyado. Sana meron na lang silang promo na pag umabot sa certain price yung orders ng customer, pwede na sa huts =)

    Sakto nga lalo't malamig ang gabi sa Tagaytay =)

    Dong Ho
    Care to share the name of the Bulalo place in Pampanga sir? =)

  8. i always go to leslie's if i want bulalo. =)

    new follower.

  9. Michi
    Thanks for following, panalo talaga Leslie's Bulalo =]

  10. Leslie's Restaurant has the best bulalo in town! And super like their ambiance. Hope to visit Tagaytay again..