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Saturday, October 06, 2018

How to Book Traveloka Flight Hotel Package International Attractions

Do more with Traveloka as they introduce two new features that will bring the way you book trips to a whole new level of ease and convenience. As one of the leading travel apps in Southeast Asia, Traveloka now offers Flight + Hotel packages and International Attractions. No need to scour multiple websites or to stand in line for tickets, everything you need to do from booking to paying can happen in the palm of your hand.



Why book your hotel and flight separately when you might get cheaper deals when you book them together? With Traveloka, not only do you get exclusive promos and offers when you book a flight and hotel package, but you also spare yourself the trouble of going through multiple sites and windows. All you need to do is scroll through the many packages and combinations that Traveloka offers and pick the one that best suit your budget and travel needs. Here’s how to book a flight and hotel package from Traveloka:


How to Book Traveloka Flight Hotel Package International Attractions

Search for Flight and Hotel

Click the Flight + Hotel icon, enter your departure and arrival city, number of passengers, intended travel dates, area where you wish to stay, duration of stay, and number of rooms.

Select Combination

On the search result page, choose your desired hotel (which you can sort by price, popularity, and review score), then afterwards, your preferred flights.

Customize the Combination

The next screen provides you with your chosen flights and hotel. You may customize this, if you wish to, by simply clicking the Change Room or Change Flight button.

Book Flight + Hotel

Enter your contact and passenger details, baggage allowances, hotel requests (if any), then review and double-check everything before proceeding to the payment page. An alternative to using hotel booking app for searching reasonable accommodation.

Proceed with Payment

Choose your preferred payment option (bank transfer, credit or debit card, over-the-counter, bank deposit, PayPal), add a discount coupon if you have any, then click Pay. You will receive your e-ticket and voucher within 60 minutes after your payment has been confirmed.




No need to go to travel agencies to book your Disneyland tour in Tokyo or that cable car pass in Singapore. Traveloka now offers tours on their website and app, conveniently accessible right after you book your flights and hotel. Currently, there are hundreds of activities available for Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, and Japan. But why book with Traveloka? Besides the discounted rates, you get the reliability of instant confirmation with a hundred percent entry guarantee. Here’s how to book a tour package via Traveloka:


How to Book Traveloka Flight Hotel Package International Attractions

Search Destination

On the International Attractions, enter your destination name or desired activity.

Select Activity

On the search results page, choose your preferred activity or tour. There are categories to help you choose (Attraction Activity, Event, Culinary, Tour), and these can be sorted by duration time, price, popularity, and ratings.

Choose Activity

Once you’ve chosen your package, read through the tour highlights, description, activity details, and the transportation and venue to ensure that the activity fits your preference. Choose your intended date, then click on the Select and Book Now icons.

Book and Review

Enter your contact and traveler details and click the Continue button to review your booking.

Proceed with Payment

Select your preferred payment method, click the Pay button and that’s it!


With these new features, traveling has never been as convenient and hassle-free with Traveloka. Easily book your next trip by downloading the app on Android Google Play and the iOS App Store, or you may access the Traveloka website.

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