NEGROS ORIENTAL | Qu4dros Grill’s BellyChon at Dumaguete City

Friday, July 01, 2016

Qu4dros Grill Dumaguete

Coming straight from a one-hour ferry from Siquijor, the first thing we looked for in Dumaguete City was dinner. Having had nothing but beer for lunch, we were absolutely famished. It was early evening when we arrived in the city and still without accommodations, we roamed its street with our backpacks on for something to satiate our hunger.

While walking, we were also checking out local hotels in the area where we can sleep the night off before our midday flight the next day. It was absolutely by chance that we passed by Qu4dros Grill (which, I guess, is pronounced as quadro) on Locsin Street and was arrested by the sight of a gargantuan piece of skewered meat; lechon belly!

Qu4dros Grill Dumaguete

We immediately set our bags down and secured a seat on their open-aired dining area. There were a few guys drinking Red Horse Beer at the next table, but it really didn’t feel like a bar or pub-type of place. It was more of like an upscale carinderia, complete with ready-cooked meals on trays sold by the plate.

Qu4dros Grill Dumaguete

Leaning over to the guy in charge of the lechon, we asked how much an order of their boneless lechon belly is—they dub it as BellyChon, by the way. A kilo, he says, would set us back PHP500.00; quite expensive and a tad too too much for us. So we settled for ¼ kilo which is only at PHP125.00, not bad, since he assured us it was good enough for the two of us.

I was actually salivating as he chopped the mighty slab of pork right before our very eyes. With a couple of steaming white rice from their carinderia and a plate of veggies as sides, we were more than ready for dinner.

Qu4dros Grill Dumaguete

On first bite, I found Qu4dros Grill’s BellyChon to be really good. The meat was very tender and super flavorful. And the skin, it was absolutely crunchy. It was good enough even without the usual Sarsa ni Mang Tomas dip, but it was actually better with it; the saltiness of the meat blending well with the sweet livery taste of the sarsa. Quite an excellent find for our first night in Dumaguete, if I may say so myself!

Qu4dros Grill
Address: 10 Dr. V. Locsin Street, Dumaguete City,
              Negros Oriental
Contact Number: (0917) 485-2786 | (035) 225-4475
Facebook: Click Here
Open Hours: Everyday from 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

GPS Coordinates Map: 9.307073, 123.308828

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