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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Philippine Panorama Halloween Edition

Alright, this is an old one. Manila Bulletin contacted me some months back for an article about Siquijor for their Halloween issue. The theme would be about black tourism, or places where you go to scare the bejizaz out of yourselves. Why would anyone want to do that is beyond me, but some people do get off on having a good scare—so black tourism it is.

Philippine Panorama is Manila Bulletin’s Sunday magazine supplement. It has been around since before I was born so putting in a small contribution seemed like a big deal for me.


Philippine Panorama Siquijor

The article came out the Sunday before Halloween and my words and photographs were beautifully laid out on two of its pages. I wrote about Siquijor’s Black Maria and the province’s link with sorcery. It all looked good, but the only thing was, I forgot to get a copy myself.

I desperately asked around our block, but nobody seemed to have bought that particular issue too.

Boo. Hoo.

I was still not over my stupidity of not buying that magazine when I recently found my Mystical Siquijor article on the digital edition of MB’s Philippine Panorama. I’m quite excited as I downloaded the pdf file, you may check it out yourself at this site too and be as excited as I was: Philippine Panorama November 24, 2014

A digital copy is good enough, but I am an analog kind of person. So, if for some fortunate chance, you have a copy of this magazine lying around, gathering dust at your paper bins at home, I would consider it as a huge favor if you can send one my way please.

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