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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Roasted Beef at Amorita Resort's Saffron Restaurant

Some claim that the best place to take a sunset-kissed portrait in Panglao Island is at Amorita Resort’s open-aired Saffron Restaurant. Sitting right beside an infinity pool and facing the western side of the Bohol Sea, the tables at the restaurant glow in saffron colors as the sun sets, hence the name of the place.

At Amorita Resort's Saffron Restaurant

Unfortunately, it was already way past twilight when we arrived at Amorita Resort. The group has been exploring Anda, one of the easternmost towns of Bohol, and there was nothing left of the famed western glow as we filed through and took our seats at the celebrated five-star resort’s restaurant.


Chef Raphael Ongchion at Amorita Resort's Saffron Restaurant

The buffet dinner is prepared by Head Chef Raphael Ongchion, whom I’ve been hearing a lot about since staying at Sta. Monica Beach Club Dumaguete, which if I’m not mistaken is Amorita Resort’s sister company. Fondly called Paeng by his peers, he masterfully and quirkily mixes typical boholano ingredients into Filipino and international dishes.

Buffet Dinner at Amorita Resort's Saffron Restaurant

That night, the food selection includes roasted beef, pasta selections, chop suey, rolled morcons, and a Mexican dish comprised of veggies and sausages, among other things. I have to admit that I was a bit let down with the limited selection of dishes available.

Roasted Beef at Amorita Resort's Saffron Restaurant

The roasted beef is amazingly tender and is paired with roasted tomatoes and other veggies of choice. There are four choices of sauces to lather through—shiraz reduction, green peppercorn, pommery mustard jus, and sinugba.

I have no idea what I did finally put on top of my steak, I just knew that it looked gravy-like.

Carbonara at Amorita Resort's Saffron Restaurant

For the pasta station—where you choose your own noodles, sauce, and toppings—I asked for flat noodles, white sauce, mushrooms and bacons. In other words—carbonara. I’m not really a big fan of red-sauced pastas unless it’s your traditional sweet birthday spaghettis. I’m simple like that.

At Amorita Resort's Saffron Restaurant

After three raids at Saffron Restaurant’s buffet table—I really just can’t get enough of that Mexican dish—I was finally able to stop myself. Initially, I thought the choices were a bit limited compared to other buffet dinners I’ve had in the past, but what it lacks in quantity, it definitely makes up for in quality.

Amorita Resort’s Saffron Restaurant did not disappoint. The only thing missing really is that famed sunset that we kept hearing about.

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Contact Numbers: (038) 502-9002 to 03
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