BOHOL | A Quick Tour of the Loboc River Resort

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Riverside View of the Loboc River Resort in Bohol

Blue green waters slowly flowed along the Loboc River. I emerged from one of the tropical rooms of Loboc River Resort and sat on a chair similar in design to rocking chairs of old. I took a moment in that shaded corner of the elevated veranda; the view was serene, a perfect sanctuary for tourists wanting to have a quiet time while in the land of the Chocolate Hills.

Restaurant Building at the Loboc River Resort in Bohol

It was only our first day in Bohol, but our group was hopping like crazy across the municipalities of the province. From Tagbilaran to Baclayon (Astoria Bohol Resort), Corella (Philippines Tarsier Wildlife Sanctuary), and Alburquerque (Sta. Monica Church), we were now at Loboc, a town famous for its river cruise. We weren’t here for that though, we visited to check one of the most uniquely situated resorts this side of Bohol.

A Lounge Overlooking the River at the Loboc River Resort in Bohol

The Loboc River Resort sits right beside Bohol’s Loboc River. Its restaurant and casitas look directly across the placid waters of the iconic waterway. While I don’t think guests are advised to swim across its waters, one can however paddle a kayak across it.

Wooden Bridge Pathways at the Loboc River Resort in Bohol

Being located right beside a river is a challenge for any resort due to the changing tides. To counter this, the Loboc River Resort elevated all its cabanas a few meters off the ground. A network of wooden plank bridges connect everything, with lush vegetation sprouting through the gaps.

The river was at its lowest during our visit, but I can just imagine how nice it would be when the tide rises.

Regular Room at the Loboc River Resort in Bohol

Although we really didn’t get the chance to stay overnight, we were able to do a room check on the various casitas the resort has to offer. Loboc River Resort’s rooms are air-conditioned and each has its own private verandas. Cable TVs are provided for along with free Wi-Fi Internet.

Suite Room at the Loboc River Resort in Bohol

The casita designs range from the modern clean white walls of the regular huts, to the more tropical feel of the larger suites. I personally liked the tropical motif, which somehow emulates that of the traditional bahay kubo complete with wide plank floors and sawali walls.

Toilet and Bath at the Loboc River Resort in Bohol

Each room has its own en suite toilet and bath equipped with hot and cold water. The bigger rooms have bath tubs, but each one has its own set of toiletries. I like the fact that all toilets have bidets—plus points for the Loboc River Resort.

The Swimming Pool at the Loboc River Resort in Bohol

Among its many facilities, the resort’s swimming pool really stands out. It was just so tempting to strip off and jump as we passed through it on our way to their in-house restaurant located just a few feet from the pool.

Dining Hall at the Loboc River Resort in Bohol

Our group wasn’t able to dine at the Loboc River Resort, although based from the reviews I saw from TripAdvisor, their dishes are quite good and are reasonably priced. I imagine having an early dinner at the deck overlooking the river would be really romantic.

Room Hallway at the Loboc River Resort in Bohol

Our visit at the Loboc River Resort was rushed. We really didn’t get to stay in their rooms, swim at their pool or sample their dishes, but I saw enough to get me excited on staying here the next time I visit Bohol. This is actually a good alternative to the usual Panglao resorts that tourists flock while in the province.

Loboc River Resort ►ROOM RATES
Address: Camayaan Road, Loboc, Bohol
Contact Number: (038) 510-4565
GPS Coordinates Map: 9.626569, 124.020087

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