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A Local Kid Enjoying the Waters of Zambales

Are you still in Vietnam? A friend messaged me on Facebook. Withlocals is in the area and inviting people to try dining with locals at their own home. Withlocals? I quickly checked their site and found an interesting gamut of travel experiences, all hosted by regular local people.

Too bad I was flying out to Manila that same night and I wasn’t able to try their services out.A Local Boat Guide in El Nido, PalawanA few days after returning to the Philippines, I got an e-mail from Withlocals. The tourism outfit empowering local people and providing a very unique traveling experience is coming over to the Philippines!

But what exactly is Withlocals?

WithLocals is started by a group of travelers who found a more meaningful and more resonant experience by dining in local homes than in five-star restaurants, touring off-the-beaten-paths rather than tourist-filled locations. The experience got these group of nomads into thinking of providing the same experience to travelers all over the world, starting with Asia.

Home Cooked Meal, Filipino StyleTheir goal is to enable people to earn a sustainable income by doing something they’re passionate about. And they’re trying to achieve that by connecting travelers with ordinary folks through local dishes and unique experiences.

Currently, they offer three ways to do this; Eat Withlocals, Tour Withlocals and Activities Withlocals.

These experiences not only give enriching travel experiences for wandering nomads like you and me, but it also empowers local people by us giving back to the community.

A Local Family in Banaue, IfugaoFor example, a local can register as a host using the Withlocals website. And after giving details about their tour, activities or home dining experience, they can then set their own price and their availability dates. After a Withlocals ambassador inspects and approves their pitch, they can then receive travelers and earn while at the same time providing the not-so-usual touristy routines to travelers.


And the Philippines is the perfect place for such kind of travel experience. With one of the most warm and most welcoming people, traveling and eating with Filipinos would surely make a mark even with the most veteran travelers.

Travel like a local. Eat like a local. Experience like a local. Watch out for Withlocals!

Twitter & Instagram: @WithLocals

Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Monday, June 2, 2014


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