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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Deluxe Bungalow at Phuket's Duangjitt Resort

”Where are you guys staying?” I remember our masseuse asking us the evening we got a taste of the crazy night life at Bangla Road. ”At the Duangjitt Resort,” I replied, having a bit of difficulty in correctly pronouncing the name. ”You guys are so lucky!” She exclaimed, correcting my pronunciation right after beautifully breaking my back with her excellent Thai massage.

Bright Day at Phuket's Duangjitt Resort

Sprawling on a 36-acre lot, Duangjitt Resort has 193 Superior Rooms, 60 Deluxe Pool View Rooms, 127 Deluxe Garden Wing Rooms, 59 Deluxe Bungalows, 14 Villas, 32 Honeymoon Rooms, 11 Family Suite Rooms, and four Suite Rooms. Whew, quite a mouthful! It is one of the largest resorts in Phuket’s Patong Beach, if not the largest.


One of the Three Pools at Phuket's Duangjitt Resort

The resort has three beautiful swimming pools and immense gardens. Duangjitt Resort is so huge I wasn’t even able to see all of its four corners. And with our hectic schedule touring Phang Nga Bay and the surrounding areas around Patong Beach, it was unfortunate that I wasn’t even able to swim in their pools.


The Wimarn Spa at Phuket's Duangjitt Resort

Duangjitt Resort is so large, its Wimarn Spa has its own 4,800 square meters complex right inside the compound. And you guessed it—we also weren’t even able to step across its gates. Well, considering that its use isn’t covered by our stay, we probably couldn’t afford it even if we wanted to anyways. The cheap Thai massage being offered right along Patong Beach is good enough for us.

Patong Beach Near Phuket's Duangjitt Resort

And speaking of the world famous Patong Beach, although Duangjitt Resort is not right in front of the white sandy beach of Patong City, it is but a mere two-minute walk away. It is quite near, but walking all the way from our room inside the complex all the way to the resort gates takes quite a bit of time. I kept wishing they have a gate nearer the beach.

The Deluxe Bungalow Compound at Phuket's Duangjitt Resort

Our group was housed in Duangjitt Resort’s Sino-styled Deluxe Bungalows. Good for two individuals—it has the standard flat screen TV (limited channels), separate toilet and bath with hot water, coffee maker (with free daily instant coffee and tea), hair dryer, IDD phone, room safe, and air-conditioning. Wi-fi signal is strong but it ain’t free.

Separate Toilet and Bath at Phuket's Duangjitt Resort

Designed in Sino-Portugeses architectural style, the room is exquisitely beautiful. I love the Italian inspired ceramic tiles that remind me of those laid in old churches in the Philippines. Its red walls are unadorned but the wooden lamps and intricate dividers really give it a very oriental feel.

Verandah at Phuket's Duangjitt Resort

Each cottage has a spacious porch surrounded by greeneries where I usually hang after a full day of touring. Except for the lack of free Wi-Fi, I love the room they assigned to us very very much. Rates for this kind of room start at 5,000 baht—not bad actually, considering how spacious and charming it is.


Free Wi-Fi at Phuket's Duangjitt Resort Lobby

Bloggers are like fishes out of water without Wi-Fi. So for our internet fix, we usually just head over to Duangjitt Resort’s lobby where the connection is fast and absolutely free. There are a lot of spots to lounge your lazy ass around in and we can see we’re not the only ones looking for free Wi-Fi.

The Banburee Restaurant at Phuket's Duangjitt Resort

Duangjitt Resort has two restaurants, the Banburee Restaurant near the lobby and the Thomthong Restaurant around the pool area. While we usually don’t eat here during lunch and dinner, this is usually where we start our day courtesy of the resort’s free buffet breakfast.

Breakfast at Phuket's Duangjitt Resort

I usually seat myself at the Banburee Restaurant since it is nearer the lobby where Wi-Fi is free.

Breakfast fares usually consist of bacons, eggs, sausages, potato wedges, stir-fried noodle dish like Pad Thai, and soups. There are also fruits and pastries around, but I’m not really into those. What I really dig are crispy bacons strips with that spicy noodle soup!

Beautiful Room at Phuket's Duangjitt Resort

It may be that I didn’t get to use any of Duangjitt Resort’s three swimming pools. It may also be that I wasn’t even able to step inside their sprawling Wimarn Spa. But be that as it may, I have to agree with my dear Thai masseuse, we were indeed lucky son of a guns for staying at Phuket’s Duangjitt Resort, for not one, but three nights.

Bangla Road LocationDuangjitt Resort Phuket ►ROOM RATES
Address: 18 Prachanukroh Road, Patong Beach, Kathu, Phuket
Contact Number: + 66 (0) 76-366-333
GPS Coordinates Map: 7.884438, 98.291340

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  1. if i have to stay in this resort, tablado ang beach sakin. diyan lang ako the whole day tas lipat na sa pension house the next day! :)