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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Mimbalot Falls at Iligan City

The original plan to reach Mimbalot Falls in Iligan City was to trek the river that runs between the said falls and Tinago Falls. The river trekking would take a minimum of two hours. We were prepared and were as ready as we probably can be with our dry bags packed and dry fit apparels on. But we were just too enchanted with Tinago Falls and spent too much time there that we almost forgot that we have one more waterfall to visit.

Sunset at Iligan Paradise Resort and Eco Park

To be honest, I was actually relieved that the river trek to Mimbalot didn’t push through. Besides the fear of getting my cameras wet, I was also not sure if my cramps-prone legs can handle the arduous trek. So to the van we went back and arrived at a park or something that looks like a resort.

Seriously, a resort? Yup! They even have a zip line and a cable car! Apparently Iligan City has so many waterfalls—twenty three as of last count—they even have one inside a resort.

Steps Leading to Mimbalot Falls at Iligan City

We arrived as the sun was setting at the Iligan Paradise Resort and Eco Park. Even though the falls is located in a resort, we still have to work a bit to get to Mimbalot. A set of winding concrete steps led down to a ravine where the falls is located. It was a piece of cake compared to the half a thousand steps of Tinago Falls.

Mimbalot Falls at Iligan City

Mimbalot Falls rises to a height of 90 feet and cascades through a series of drops. Concreted pool basins are easily accessible to tourists visiting the area, but it does get slippery getting to them. Care must be taken to avoid slipping and hitting your head against the rocky terrain.

Mimbalot Falls at Iligan City

The light was waning fast by the time we set up our tripods and mounted our cameras. Our time at Mimbalot Falls was so limited, we weren’t even able to take a dip. After a few snaps, twilight took over. I thought about how hard it would be to navigate the unlighted steps back to the resort where we came from. Good thing, it turned out we didn’t have to. There’s another way out without climbing up. Thank God for shortcuts.

Iligan City Location Map

Mimbalot Falls
Address:  Purok 3, Mimbalot Buru-un, Iligan City
Entrance Fee: Php15.00 – Php25.00)
Open Hours:

GPS Coordinates: +8° 10' 49.31", +124° 10' 13.25"
View Location on Google Maps

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