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Friday, July 05, 2013

Talisay City's The RuinsNegros Occidental

What started out as a trip to catch the annual Pintaflores Festival in San Carlos City turned out to be a totally different journey across the province of Negros Occidental. Together with The Road Trippers peeps, we were able to visit some new old sights along the towns and cities of Talisay, Bacolod, Murcia and San Carlos. We were also able to try out and taste the local dishes these places have to offer.

We may not have been able to totally attend the festival that we came here for, but it was a good three-day adventure (and foodtrip!) nonetheless. 

   D A Y   O N E
   Nature Tripping at Talisay City’s Melba’s Farm
   The Ruins Re-re-revisited
   Blue Hour at San Sebastian Cathedral 

   D A Y   T W O
   Chicken Inasal at Manokan Country
   Conquering the Seven Falls of Mambukal
   Bacolod City to San Carlos City
   San Carlos Borromeo Cathedral
   San Carlos City Accommodation

   D A Y   T H R E E
   A Glimpse of Pintaflores Festival
   Seafood Feast at the Old Pala-Pala Market


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  1. Oi Christian.. Namiss kita bigla!!!! Bakit feeling ko ang haba lang ng kwentohan if ever nga may oras to.. Amping kanunay Mccoy!