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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Beautiful Afternon at Talisay City's The Ruins

Bacolod’s famous ruin, which is really not in Bacolod City but in Talisay City, has been a favorite tourist spot for travelers visiting the province of Negros Occidental. I’ve been to this place twice before and like a proper tourist; I re-visited the place again for the third time.

Concrete Skeleton at Talisay City's The RuinsI’ve already discussed the rich history of The Ruins before on my first blog post about it, so I won’t delve into that anymore and spare you the history lessons.

The Cafe at Talisay City's The RuinsThere are a few new things happening at the Ruins and one of them is the development of a café that caters to the visitors flocking the place and a gift shop selling all sorts of ruin-related souvenirs right next to it.

The Cafe at Talisay City's The RuinsThe architecture of the café left me scratching my head as it deviates so much from the overall ambience of the Ruins’ main structure. Its green-painted interior, which looks okay enough, is still a far cry from the Romanesque beauty of the skeletal remains right across it.

Veranda Details at Talisay City's The RuinsI also found that there are now free guided tours being held inside The Ruins. Although its history can be literrally read on notes posted on its walls, a guided tour, especially if done by an entertaining guide is so much better.

Revisiting Talisay City's The RuinsOne can still dine within the walls of The Ruins, which is so much better than at the café, unfortunately, we were pressed for time (and not to mention, cash) that we chose to simply get our dinner at the much more affordable Manokan Country.

Romance at Talisay City's The RuinsWhy revisit the place? Why not? It’s romantically elegant remains is timeless. It’s not rated as one of the most interesting ruins in the world for nothing.

At Talisay City's The Ruins

Talisay City Location Map

The Ruins
Address: Hda. Sta. Maria, Talisay City, Negros Occidental
Contact Number: (034) 4764334 | 0917-8326003
Website: Click Here

GPS Coordinates: 10.709105,122.982357
View on Google Maps: Click Here

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  1. zosyal naman the cafe. that's something new. then again, i was there 2 years ago! wow.. 2 years ago na yun.. i cant believe it. parang last year lang. :)
    congrats on the nomination nga pala sir! rightly so!

    1. Salamat Eileen! Yung coffee nila could be better though :)

  2. The Ruins-- I want to visit this place. Your photography is amazing, nice one! :)

    1. Thanks bro, The Ruins is even more beautiful during sunset, sayang lang di kami umabot :)

  3. hi, is the cafe inside the house/ruins?

    1. The cafe is at the gardens but there is a restaurant inside the ruins too :)

  4. Naalala ko na naman yung pricey cappuccino with-no-taste ng cafe. ha-ha.

  5. Yung cafe pricey din yung rates?

    Buti naman may free guided tours na, pero magbabayad pa din ng entrance?

    1. Yung cafe, normal cafe rates. Yup no fee on the guided tour but may bayad pa rin ang entrance of course :)