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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Travel Blogs That Matter

I was a blog reader before I became a travel blogger. It’s where I get my information when exploring new places, where I get tips on cool places to eat out in and most importantly where I get my kicks when unable to travel and terribly bored at the office.

stampRecently, I’ve been seeing blog posts nominating their 2013 Top Pinoy Travel Blogs hosted by Melo’s Out of Town Blog and I can’t help but tag along with the bandwagon. So without further ado, here are fifteen travel blogs bookmarked on my Internet browser and subscribed on my RSS Reader. Everything’s ranked from first to last. Kidding, they’re in no particular order. :P

L A N T A W  I’ve been a fan of Allan even before I knew that he has a travel blog. I’ve been seeing his obra maestra’s posted on photography forums when I was just starting out in photography and they’re simply spellbinding. I rank Lantaw as having the best travel photo blog in the country.

En Route
E N R O U T E  Ferdz inspired me to put words alongside my photos during one of his talks. I didn’t know who he was then until a friend introduced me to his blog, En Route. To say I was blown away was an understatement; I think I unconsciously patterned my blog after his.

The Pinay Solo Backpacker

T H E P I N A Y S O L O B A C K P A C K E R  She has guts, this girl. Although she hasn’t been going out alone that much anymore (or I’m just out of the loop these days), she is still the epitome of a female solo backpacker. And don’t let Gael’s very serious writing fool you, she’s as bubbly and fun as any girl gets (even without alcohol lol).

Journeying James
J O U R N E Y I N G J A M E S 
Probably the most hardcore travel blogger out there. I mean, he sleeps on a hammock and spends less than a Jollibee meal per day! Although not a few people find his online persona to be a bit strong, James is a fun buddy to travel with in beyond the World Wide Web.

Rakistang Nars
R A K I S T A N G N A R S  I’m afraid to write about Rain. She just has this way with words that intimidates me to no end. I mean how can anyone write like that? Her travel writing’s so impeccably good and thought provoking that I’m actually afraid of commenting that often for fear that she might read mine. Plus she listens to LedZep! How cool is that!

Flip'n Travels
F L I P ’ N T R A V E L S  It’s literally the flipside of normal travel blogging, this dynamic duo of Ron and Monette. They cuss, they diss, they talk about sex, they do everything that are taboo to regular travel blogs. And everyone’s cheering on for more!

The Travelling Dork
T H E T R A V E L L I N G D O R K  Like one blogger puts it, you can literally hear Robbie’s voice when reading The Traveling Dork, complete with snide side comments and everything. It’s honest and straightforward without being a bore. Plus, he draws without effort and does great infographics that makes me green with envy!

Tara! Usap Tau
T A R A ! U S A P T A U  There’s probably no funnier travel blog than Maricar’s. I often go here if I’m bored and wanted some LMAO moments. Taglish is probably the wave of the future! Try reading for yourself and you’d know what I mean.

The Yellow Adventures
T H E Y E L L O W A D V E N T U R E S  I don’t really like taking portraits and that’s probably why Hannah’s Yellow Adventures is such a hit for me. She takes portraits not of people’s faces but of their souls during her travels. I simply do not know how she does that, but it seemed as effortless as taking a picture of the sunset.

Anny's Chocolate Skies
A N N Y ’ S C H O C O L A T E S K I E S  Short and sweet, that’s probably the best way to describe the postcards being sent by Anny. I like how poignant her pictures are and how she doesn’t care if her blog does not fit to the regular travel blogs on the Interweb. She simply does what she does.

Pinoy Adventurista
P I N O Y A D V E N T U R I S T A 
Talk about exploring the Philippines! This is my go to site whenever I need information about a place. Mervz’s Pinoy Adventurista is a literal what to do, where to eat, where to go kind of site and it has genuinely helped me countless of times.

The Travelling Feet
T H E T R A V E L L I N G F E E T  Nevermind that she backpacked for months on end on countries I can only dream of visiting, it’s because I’m green with envy everytime she poses photos and videos of her freediving sessions that Doi’s The Travelling Feet deserves a spot on this list.  To think that she doesn’t even know how to do a simple dive when I first met her! Tss!

Solo Flight Ed
S O L O F L I G H T E D  Ed is a very hands on guy. He’s not afraid to try everything, from bungee jumping from Macau Tower to catching bangus with the locals in Pangasinan and doing his signature headstands on all the places he’s been in. And oh, he also left his corporate life to pursue his dreams of grandeur--backpack across Asia for nine freakin’ months. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is!

E A Z Y T R A V E L E R  Browsing Edgar’s blog is like reading through very well-written pieces on glossy travel magazines. He strings words together like a T’boli weaver patching dreams into beautiful patterns. And if that’s not enough, he’s also a genious with a camera; in fact, one of his photos literally made me travel to the ends of the Philippines. 

B L I S S F U L G U R O  I have the highest regards for teachers, and it only goes higher when that said teacher travels. I have been following Carla’s adventure both on and off the classroom and has often been touched about her insights with her students and bewildered at how different she is outside her school uniform. Red Horse pa tayo dyan ma’am!

So there you go; do fire up your RSS readers, click those Like buttons and subscribe to their newsletters. Those blogs are worth reading and following. :)

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  1. Awesome list. I love Hannah's and Carla's sites. :-)

  2. omg. i love you now, Christian. Oh wait, I love you long time! :D Thanks for this, made my day! :D

  3. Naks idol! Ibang level na honor to! hahahaha
    Thanks APIR!

  4. WOW! salamat Christian for including me on your list! Cheers!!! :)

  5. OMG! Didn't expect to be included in your list idol! Salamat ng marami! Tara, punta ka Cebu w/ Anny :D freedive tayo with Lakbay and the rest of the gang here ^_^

  6. I love Maricar's and all the taglish she can create..
    Its a stress reliever blog to the core. :)

  7. First time I visited Tara Usap Tau. Entertainment! Great picks Chris!

    1. Thanks Ervin! Panalo talaga yang si Maricar, although I have yet to meet her in person :)

  8. omg din haha bat ako andito kakahiya! am not worthy!

  9. wow, thanks Christian. Kahit di na ako masyadong nakakapagblog (and bloghop) hehe. It's an honor kasi nasama ako sa listahan mo! Si The Lakad Pilipinas na yan! hehe


  10. Nice List! Inspiration indeed :D Will be visiting them one by one.
    Thank you.

    God Bless!
    JM Kayne | www.iamjmkayne.com