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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Azalea Residences at Baguio City

Cicadas ruled the night as our van dropped us at Baguio City’s newest luxury hotel, the Azalea Residences. A slight breeze started and the pines chorused along with a soft whisper. I looked up and regarded my abode for the night; it was definitely a thousand times better than where I slept the previous night.

The Portico at Baguio City's Azalea ResidencesAs we walked towards the hotel’s grand lobby, I ruminated how thankful I was that the PTB and Azalea guys welcomed and adopted me without question even for just a night. I wasn’t really supposed to be part of this crew but they were kind enough to let me in the group after relating my lonesome stay at the AKAP dormitel.

Lounge Area at Baguio City's Azalea ResidencesTo be fair to the dormitel, their rates are more than fair for the accommodations they offer. In contrast, judging even just from Azalea’s fireplace-heated waiting area, I can surmise that I can’t probably afford this hotel’s rate if I was just backpacking through Baguio by myself.

Lovely and Helpful Staff at Baguio City's Azalea ResidencesThe hotel staff were all very courteous and immediately took care of our belongings, quickly carting them to my companions’ room. Which I guess is also my room now. I just can’t believe my luck. First, a free ticket to Baguio City, and now free accommodation at a swanky hotel!

The Three Bedroom Suite at Baguio City's Azalea ResidencesOur room, or should I say suite, was much more than I have imagined. It was probably twenty times as big as my previous room. It has two regular bedrooms, a master bedroom with its own toilet and bath, a kitchen complete with cooking utensils, a living area with a huge flatscreen TV and an outdoor deck. The only thing missing really was a view of the city.

Toilet and Bath at Baguio City's Azalea ResidencesI checked the toilet and yes, hot shower! At last! I can’t feel my fingertips the last time I took a shower at my dorm. The fixtures were all sparklingly clean and modern; their toiletries would probably delight even the pickiest lady out there.

Master's Bedroom at Baguio City's Azalea ResidencesAll the beds in the suite were already taken that night, but who am I really to complain. Azalea’s sofa can be converted into a soft bed so I was cool with that. Besides, the thought of not sleeping alone on an eerily deserted dormitel was comfort enough for me.

Kitchen and Breakfast Nook at Baguio City's Azalea ResidencesBut before retiring for the night, we had a little drinking session at the suite’s breakfast nook. We raided the ref for beers and made do with whatever snacks was around for pulutan. I have only known these guys from the web. It was really my first time to meet any of them, so it was a good way to re-acquaint ourselves in real life.

Deluxe Bedroom at Baguio City's Azalea ResidencesThe next morning, the Azalea Residences peeps showed us around the hotel, letting us peak into other rooms available. I personally love their Deluxe Bedroom. I actually like it better than the suite since it’s more compact, perfect for couples enjoying a quick get-away in Baguio.

The View from Baguio City's Azalea ResidencesI also love the fact that it has a better view than the suites. I can just imagine how the surrounding mountains would look during sunset, and of course everything would probably be lit up come evening. A uniquely Baguio spectacle which would be perfect while sipping a cup of coffee in the balcony.

Hotel Lobby at Baguio City's Azalea ResidencesAs we were about to go for a second round of the Panagbenga Festival, I noticed the soaring ceiling at the hotel lobby. It was beautifully decorated with gigantic flowers carved from wood; azaleas ascending towards the sky.

Baguio City's Azalea ResidencesThe morning sun warmly greeted us as we all went out. The buzz of the cicadas were gone, replaced by the cheery chirps of mountain birds. I had a good night at the Azalea Residences; it can definitely pass as a second home while in Baguio City. Well, actually, better than a second home if I really have to be honest about it.


Azalea Residences Baguio
Address: Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City
Contact Number: (02) 925-8518 | (02) 579-4890
Room Rates: Click Here

GPS Coordinates: 16.414757,120.606955


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  1. sarap dito! i slept like a baby heheh

  2. Replies
    1. Let's wait for our return ticket back, already talked to them :)

  3. wow.. it sure looks swanky.. :) nice!

  4. natawa naman ako sa first few paragraphs. parang pauper na naging prince LOL. sabagay i've always noticed you prefer (or gravitate towards) more affordable accommodations. remember that laptop you hid under the mattress in that cheap-o boracay inn? that hotel looks very nice. microtel kami ng family ko tomorrow sa baguio. might try that next time we return.

    1. Microtel Baguio is also nice! Also had a chance to be adopted there haha

  5. Ilang beses na akong iniinvite na sumama pero hindi ako matuloy-tuloy T_T

    1. Aww sayang naman! Ang saya pa naman nung stay namin nila Robbie nung last time

  6. thanks! meron din kayang post din yung iba? i need as many post as possible. we're doing a strat plan kasi and we need external thoughts about azalea. hahaha. thanks!