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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ayala Enchanting Lights and Sounds Show 2012

Multitudes of unlighted basketball-sized spheres hang at the gnarly branches across Ayala Triangle’s old trees. It’s a regular busy day in Makati, with throngs of sharply dressed yuppies trotting in and out of the gardens on their way to their meetings and what-nots of working people.

A Prelude to Ayala's Enchanting Lights and Sounds Show 2012The moon rose and the sky transformed from regular blues to electric hues. Buildings lit up, their towers gleaming in the early evening. The avenue outside got even busier; but inside the Triangle, people stopped, seemingly anticipating something. A sprinkle of shimmering notes twinkled through the gardens and bright lights suddenly flared. The annual Lights and Sounds show at the Ayala Triangle commenced.

Ayala Enchanting Lights and Sounds Show 2012The garden was transformed into a magical fairy land that not even adults were able to ignore. Both children and grown-ups stare into the dazzling display with equal wonder in their eyes. Everyone seemed immobilized by the grandness of the scene, it was not until a few minutes later that the crowd moved and played along with the lights.

Ayala Enchanting Lights and Sounds Show 2012Now on its fourth year, the light show is orchestrated by lighting extraordinaire Voltaire de Jesus, composers Mikey Arnistoso and Jass Nicholas. It incorporates Filipino Christmas carols in varying styles with lights and lasers.

I have seen previous incarnations of the Christmas lights show but I must say that this year’s offering is better than what I have seen before. My photographs haven’t even touched half of what a spectator would experience in the show.

Ayala Enchanting Lights and Sounds Show 2012For those who haven’t seen Ayala’s Lights and Sounds show yet, I advise that you view it at least three times.

Once from afar, where you can see its totality, including the patterns that the lasers produce when it hits the trees. Second, from within; immersing yourself within the millions of swirling lights and losing yourself on the fog machine.
Ayala Enchanting Lights and Sounds Show 2012And third, with cameras ready. Don’t rob yourself of the experience because of your camera. I did the mistake of shooting the instant the show started. I wasn’t able to fully appreciate the show until I watched everything again without my camera.

Ayala Enchanting Lights and Sounds Show 2012

I’ve heard people say that it still doesn’t feel like Christmas even though it’s just but a few days away. My advice, instead of battling the heavy EDSA traffic, take a time out after the sun had set and spend an hour or two at the Ayala Triangle. I totally guarantee, the Christmas spirit would be all over you once you’ve experienced Ayala Triangle’s Lights and Sounds show.

Makati Location MapEnchanting Lights and Sounds Show 2012
Address: Ayala Triangle, Ayala Ave. Makati City
Schedule: Everyday until December 30, 2012
Show runs every 30 Minutes, 6:00PM to 9:00PM
Entrance Fee: None

GPS Coordinates: 14.556741,121.023265
View Location on Google Maps: Click Here

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  1. Great photos sir! I am always longing to see this lights show. Sikat kasi to sa news and it's beautiful, hehe..

  2. Wow! Paskong pasko talaga. Merry Christmas!

  3. we just went there last night as requested by my mom. at naiyak siya sa tuwa. parang bata lang. :)

    1. First time ko nakarinig na may naiyak sa tuwa dyan, it must have been really magical for her :)

  4. lovely lights..andami! matutuwa ang meralco neto.


    1. Haha you got that right! Pero wait sabi ng Ayala, LED daw ang ilaw nila so tipid pala sa kuryente :D

  5. I wanna immerse myself in this Christmas lights! They are all delightful and makes you feel the real spirit of Christmas. Great shots and Merry Christmas, Christian!