METRO MANILA | Dinner at Microtel’s Roof Deck

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Dinner at Microtel's Roof DeckI love eating al fresco and I was delighted to find out that we would be having our staycation dinner at Microtel’s roof deck with the stars above and the city lights below.

Millie's RestaurantThe food would be provided by Millie’s Restaurant, Microtel MOA’s in house food place. It was named after the hotel president’s mom who, we found out, has also got a bad case of the travel itch too. She proclaimed that a big part of roaming the globe was the gastronomic delights that a traveler encounters on the places one visits. The restaurant reflects that theme with its dishes.

Dinner Above Metro Manila at Microtel MOAThe evening set in and the lights of the metro started to illuminate the cityscape of Metro Manila. A long table was set on the western end of the deck and plates filled with expensive looking dishes were laid down one after another.

Okay, like what I did during that amazing dinner, I’ll have less talk and more eating. Since all the adjectives I’d probably say for each dish would be excellent, superb, tasty and fantastic, I’m just gonna present each one in order of appearance and let the photos do the talking.

Special thanks to C of Adventurous Feet for taking the time to note down the names of the dishes while I was busily chowing down at each dish presented by Chef Ana Go.

Millie's Blue Cheese Baked Oyster at Microtel MOA

Blue Cheese Baked OysterMillie's Grilled Prawns at Microtel MOA

Grilled Prawns (Php410.00)
Prawns sauteed in garlic, chorizo and chili.Millie's Oven Baked Lapu Lapu at Microtel MOA

Oven Baked Lapu Lapu (Php410.00)
Grouper in garlic, rosemary and cherry tomatoes.Millie's Baby Back Ribs at Microtel MOA

Baby Back Ribs (Php325.00)
Their bestseller and my favorite among the bunch Millie's Seafood Marinara at Microtel MOA

Seafood Marinara (Php245.00)
Linguine in rich tomato sauce with assorted seafood.Millie's Pan Fried Salmon at Microtel MOA

Pan Fried Salmon (Php365.00)
Salmon steak in lemon, capers and butter sauce.

Millie's Chicken Parmigiana at Microtel MOA

Chicken Parmigiana (Php325.00)
Chicken breast topped with mozzarell and tomato sauce.Millie's Garden Salad at Microtel MOA

Millie's Garden Salad (Php220.00)
Grilled chicken breast, capsicum and sweet mango chunks on a bed of mesclun tossed in mango vinaigretteMillie's Gambas at Microtel MOA

Gambas (Php295.00)
Prawns sauteed in garlic, chorizo and chili.Millie's Calamares Fritos at Microtel MOA

Calamares Fritos (Php310.00)
Squid pica-pica with choice of creamy aioli, spiced vinegar or sweet chili sauce.Millie's Panna Cotta and Tiramisu at Microtel MOA

Panna Cotta (Php185.00) and Tiramisu (Php220.00)
Classic Italian desser in mango coulis and traditional Italian cake with mascarpone cheese and rhum.

We were served a total of ten delectable dishes and two plates of mouth-watering desserts. It was a grand feast indeed.

Dinners aren’t usually set at Microtel’s roof deck although one can arrange for it if one so wishes, it’s a perfect place for a romantic date. We were super grateful that Microtel allowed us to experience the luxury of dining above the city courtesy of Millie’s Restaurant. It was one of the grandest and not to mention the most beautiful dinner I’ve ever had.

Pasay Location MapMillie’s Restaurant at Microtel Mall of Asia
Address: Microtel Bldg., Coral Way Ave. corner Seaside Boulevard, SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
Telephone: (02) 403-3333 | (0917) 5905914
Open Hours: 6AM to 10PM
Millie’s Menu: Click Here

GPS Coordinates: 14.530535,120.980275
View Location on Google Maps: Click Here


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  1. Ughhhhhh! Napa-moan talaga ako upon seeing the photo of the Blue Cheese Baked Oyster!!! Then everything else look scrumptious! *slurp*

    Makakain na nga ng disappointing lunch. Hahaha!

  2. Wow, my fave here is the salmon. It looks so yummy on your photograph. And now I got to discover another way of cooking my favorite fish aside from sinigang with spinach haha. Thank you for this.

    Directions on Web

    1. Haha no problem, sosyal ha, salmon talaga niluluto sa bahay

  3. The grilled prawns are so inviting so with the pan-fried salmon. nakakagutom na talaga and the gambas? perfect.

    The photos here are superbly taken Christian. You seemed to be having a gastronomic delight at Microtel-MOA :)

  4. nagutom ako bigla. grabe. gusto ko yung mga ganito. kelan kaya ako magkakaroon ng chance sa ganyan. haha. paawa :)

  5. wow naman thanks christian :) lahat gusto ko haha. panalo ang oyster, salmon & seafood marinara. the pictures are really inviting nakakagutom! :)

  6. sobrang picky eater ako, and di ako fan ng seafood (kawawa ako i know hehe) pero sobrang nagustuhan ko naman yung salmon! promise!

  7. ayan ang mga na-miss ko!

    yung baby back ribs panalo nga!