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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunrise at Dipolog's Galas Pier

I was dreaming of electric sheeps when my alarm flared. It was quickly followed by an explosion of knocks on the door, L of PinayTravelista was checking if we’re alive for the sunrise at the old pier in Baybay Galas in Dipolog City. My consciousness was almost floating to the surface of reality but my roommate’s, C of JuanderfulPinoy, was still at the deep end of the ocean.

Those who were able to fight off sleep met at the lobby and marched off into the crispy Dipolog dawn. A tricycle was hailed and we piled aboard for a connecting ride to Barangay Galas.

Morning at Galas PierThe first ride was alright, our transport timespacewarped into the cold morning air, sending freezing shivers down my whole lot. Our second ride however turned out to be a turtle rather than a tricycle. We moved at a snail’s pace along the highway, joggers moved faster than us and I lost count of the number of vehicles that overtook us.
Stacked Stones Making up Galas PierI normally have don’t have problems with slow drivers but the sky was already showing signs of the breaking sun. I contemplated on just running to the pier which might just be a tad faster. But I didn’t know the way, so I suffered the sight of the orange light of the pre-morning sun above the trees.

A Fisherman Waiting for a Catch at Galas PierAfter an eternity, we arrived at Galas Pier, a guy warned us to take care of our belongings as snatchers abound. It proved to be a baseless warning though as the dock is as friendly as docks can possibly go.

The old pier is made of huge stacked stones that stretches like a bent finger towards the calm horizon of Mindanao. We saw construction along the shore that would connect Dipolog’s Sunset Boulevard with the pier and I read about plans on reviving the dock for RORO ships. Calm Morning Scene at Dipolog's Galas Pier

The docking ports currently lay abandoned but the stone wharf itself is hardly forsaken. Throngs of people were milling about; joggers doing their morning routine, fisher folks swinging their hooks, local kids wading along the shallow waters and travel bloggers apparently just enjoying the beautiful color and the warmth of the rising sun.

Morning Burst at Dipolog City's Galas PierThe morning was quiet and the sky gave us a second chance.

A second burst of color lit the sky of Dipolog City, the sun king breaking through the running clouds and the heavy mountains along the horizon. Oranges, yellows and blues mixed together for an unforgettable morning palette. The sky was painted and I forgave the turtle driver of the old Galas Pier.Sunrise at Galas Pier

Dipolog Location Map

Old Galas Pier
Address: Brgy. Galas, Dipolog City
Entrance Fee: None

GPS Coordinates: 8.560387,123.32695
View Location on Google Maps: Click Here

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  1. Gusto lang kasi ni tatay yung company natin kaya ang bagal niya magdrive.. =)

  2. Wow the pictures are magnificent, you were sure able to capture the beauty of sunrise, which people like me don't get to witness as often as I would have wanted.

  3. hay..i missed Sorsogon Pier..ganitong ganito

  4. love all the photos lalo na yung 2nd!

  5. idol naliligo kami dyan sa pier nay an tuwing gabi!

  6. cool photographs. you needed a sexy woman with you to enjoy the romantic sunset together.

  7. A very beautiful morning in Dipolog... especially the last photo!

  8. Lisa Marie Mirasol
    Haha grabe gusto ko na talaga tumakbo!

    Marjorie Gavan
    Meron naman lagi yan kahit nasaan tayo :)

    Sadly di pa ko nakapunta ng Sorsogon. :(

    Anny, Ian

    Wow pwede pala night swimming dyan?

    Haha sexy talaga?