ZAMBOANGA DEL NORTE | Carbonara Sardines from a Bird’s Eye View of Dipolog City

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Feast from Dipolog City's Eyrie

With stomachs bursting from our afternoon refreshments at Julie’s Halo-Halo, we again went off to another feast; this time, with a grander view at the rooftop of Rizal Rural Bank building. Invited by the who’s who of Dipolog City, we came to feast on the city’s specialty done in a unique twist.

Carbonara with Spanish SardinesA long table was set at the roof deck and the dish for the afternoon was Spanish sardines-flavored carbonara. Bits of olives were mixed with the pasta and the whole thing is sprinkled with the fish that Dipolog City is famous for. The traditional creamy flavor of the carbonara blended so well with the slightly spicy and salty flavor of the sardines that it was an instant hit.

The Streets of Dipolog CityThe rest of the afternoon was spent chatting about the city of Dipolog; the best places to eat out in, the places to visit, the celebrities who frequent the place, a few juicy gossips here and there and plans for the future of the city.

Powerful Binoculars Scanning Dipolog CityThe RRB building sits high along the center of the city providing a panoramic view of Dipolog. A pair of binoculars is set up along the corner of the building and we can see every detail of the city from an eagle’s perspective.

Picturesque Clock Tower at Dipolog CityLush coconut trees, the bustling streets, the regal clock tower of Andres Bonifacio College; everything was wonderfully beautiful in the warm afternoon light. It was a golden.

Rainbow Over Dipolog CathedralJust as we were leaving, a rainbow appeared on the horizon near the Dipolog Cathedral, beautiful and poeti; a fleeting but delightful exclamation to our brief panoramic tour of Dipolog City.

Dipolog Location MapRRB Building
Address: Dipolog LCDP Central Public Market, Rizal Ave., Dipolog City
Telephone: (0919) 795-5353 | (065) 212-5598

GPS Coordinates: 8.586395,123.343666
View Location on Google Maps: Click Here

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  1. da best talaga pag Dipolog ..hehehe taga dyan kasi ako ... sana nag ihaw ihaw kayo sa may boulevard idol!

  2. ay sana matulyo ako sa zamboanga para mapuntahan ko rin to

  3. Wow ang ganda ng view. Nacurious din ako sa sardines carbonara mukhang masarap.

  4. Ayos ang first photo... okay ang flare control ng lens? Eto ba yung UWA mo bai?

  5. Kulapitot
    Yup nag-ihaw kami sa Makdo :)

    Zamboanga del Norte ang Dipolog ha, medyo malayo sya sa Zamboanga City :)

    Marjorie Gavan
    The best yung Sardines Carbonara :)

    Drey Roque
    Yup UWA, medyo ma-flare yung Tokina lalo na pag direct sunlight, pero you learn to use the flares to your advantage :)

  6. Syempre, starring ako naka-pink na pants at black blouse. Thank you for sharing. :)