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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rizal Landing Site at Dapitan City

On the night of the 17th of July 1892, our National Hero, Jose Rizal landed on the beach of Sta. Cruz in Dapitan. Escorted by artillery men and Captain Delgras, they trod the dark roads of the town, lamps in hand, and presented him to the district’s Military Governor to live life in exile.

With the publication of his first book Noli Me Tangere, the Spanish government branded Rizal as an enemy of the state. Further implications in a July 1892 rebellion sealed his fate to exile.

The Rizal Landing Site PlazaThis historic moment in Philippine history is immortalized at the actual landing site near Sunset Boulevard in Dapitan City. Larger than life sculpture of the national hero along with his captors are depicted in gleaming gold along the coast of Sta. Cruz beach where a barricade of white concrete balusters form a small plaza.

Detail of Dr. Jose Rizal's FaceThe sculpture was conceptualized by Antonio Tuviera and was executed by Manuel Tolentino. The monument consists of five figures, including the three artillery escorts seemingly loading off from a small boat and the Spanish Captain on Rizal’s right side. It was opened to the public, 117 years after the actual event.

Rizal's Iconic Bowler HatI love the artistry that went into this sculpture. The likeness and details are excellent; from individual faces down to their accessories. Rizal’s bowler hat in his hand, the rifles slung on the back of the soldiers, the captain’s sword and the farole de combate lamp.

Sunset Boulevard in the AfternoonThe shrine is located on a stretch of beach which Dapiteños dub as the Sunset Boulevard. And besides the checking out the famous sculpture, one can also walk along the beach and even swim if one so wishes. Although the sand is not as white as those at Dakak, the water is still inviting.
A Kid Enjoying the Beach at Sta. Cruz, DapitanHuts line the boulevard and I saw a couple of families spending the afternoon on the beach. It was quite tempting to join them in their revelry if not for our limited time in Dapitan City.

Sunset Along Sta. Cruz Beach, Dapitan CityThe boulevard is also a great place to watch the sunset. I wanted to see the sun retire down the horizon of Sta. Cruz beach but was just too shy to inconvenient my fellow travelers as we still got a lot on our itinerary.

It was just pure luck that we got to stop at the Sunset Boulevard on our way back while on the hunt for some Spanish Sardines. They got their precious bottled sardines and I got my sunset photos.

Sunset Along Sta. Cruz Beach, Dapitan CityJose Rizal spent four years of his life in Dapitan. And a quote on the historical marker posted along the landing site perfectly echoed the works he has done in the region given such a short period of time.

Wherever I go, I would always be in the hands of God who has in His hands the destinies of man.
- Jose Rizal -

Dapitan Location Map

Rizal Landing Site
Address: Sta. Cruz, Sunset Boulevard, Dapitan City
Entrance Fee: None

GPS Coordinates: 8.656654,123.419271
View Location on Google Maps: Click Here

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  1. love the picture of the kid running against the waves

  2. Blogger na, historian pa. I love your photos sir, na miss ko tuloy ung province namin, ganyan na ganyan na ganyan ang hitsura. :)


  3. so beautiful. love the captures. dapitan is truly a historic place. rizal's legacy left a big impact on the place. rizal's sculpture is so detailed. even the fingers have lines.

  4. kakatuwa yung batang tumatakbo sa beach. galing ng timing na ramdam yung saya na makaligo. hehehe... as usual ganda ng mga shots at di ko pa to napupuntahan

  5. Killerfillers
    Thanks! Yung running kid din ang favorite ko :)

    Arnie Monacillo
    Haha historian? I just culled the history from the NHI plaque and from various sources on the net :)

    Oo nga I only noticed the details on the finger when you pointed it out :)

    Dong Ho
    Thanks sir Dom! I love Dapitan, it's so laidback!

    Haha thanks sir :)

  6. Ganda nga ng sunset dito...nami-miss ko ang field work days ko dito...starting pa lang ako sa photography noon.

    1. I agree Ding! Ang ganda ng Dapitan, parang ang tahi-tahimik talaga

  7. One look at this quaint and I am now in love with it. Hope to visit this. Lots of old structures!!1 Yum for my eyes! :-)

    1. Dapitan is really nice! It's so laidback, sayang lang we were unable to really spend some more time here. Bitin!