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Monday, October 15, 2012

Low Tide at Currimao's Rock Formation

We woke up to the loud patter of rain, Vigan City was drowning. And before everything swam to the ocean, we escaped the torrential rain enveloping the city. Trying to outrun dark clouds, we headed north again, this time to the coastal town of Currimao in Ilocos Norte.

Pangil Beach Resort Fronting the Beach of CurrimaoThe heavens still have tinge of blues as our van drove up to a lone hotel fronting the sea. The morning air was crisp with dew as we went further up the road, looking for a place to turn.

Colorful Boat Docked at Pangil, CurrimaoA cacophony of bright reds, blues and yellows greeted us as our van u-turned on a vacant lot. The brown sandy shoreline was littered with colorful fishing boats. Everyone got off before our driver even gave the signal.
Boat Detail at CurrimaoOn the far horizon, pine tress loom, reminding me somehow of the coves of Zambales. A few from the group jumped down the seawall for a closer view of the boats. I turned back, satisfied with my photos and just tripped around looking for a few details of the place.

Coral Rocks on the Beach of CurrimaoWalking back to the van with eyes locked on the camera LCD’s, reviewing the boat photos, we finally went our way. The sun was shining as we headed towards the almost three kilometer-long rock formations guarding the shoreline of Currimao.
The Coral Rocks of Currimao can be ScaledI have never seen anything relatively like it in all my travels. The formation is about ten to twelve feet in height and made of dark coral stones. It stretches on forever like a wall protecting the town from strong waves and sea invaders of yore.

Coral Rock DetailLooking for footholds along the jagged rock surface, we scaled the monstrous fort to see the sea beyond. The stones are quite sharp and can easily bruise if one isn’t careful.

The Rock Formation as seen from the Roofdeck of the Pangil Beach ResortFrom a high vantage, we can see the strange rocks stretch as far as the eye can see. I’m not sure how the wall came about, but I’m guessing everything was underwater eons ago and was probably pushed up through the surface through time.

Here Comes the Rain AgainA few hours after we descended at Currimao, the storm clouds we escaped at Ilocos Sur caught up with us. Like rain guerrilas; we took shelter at the mini-caves along the rock walls, emerging as the rain let up and retreating back as the rain whips again.

Currimao Location Map

Currimao Coral Rock Formation
Address: Currimao-Paoay-Suba-Balacao Road,
Brgy. Pangil, Currimao, Ilocos Norte

How to go to Currimao: Hop on a Laoag-bound bus from Manila and board down at the town of Currimao.

GPS Coordinates: 18.031118,120.473852
View Location on Google Maps: Click Here

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  1. Isa sa next target ko sa Ilocos comeback :P U rock! :P

  2. i love how the foliage foreground softened the currimao signage.

  3. this is entertaining, almost like a graphic novel comprised of photographs and narration of your trip. you should do your own graphic novel with photographs of your trips, kind of like the journey of Homer in the Iliad. i just saw a mini cave on Survivor Philippines episode, where the contestants were trying to stay dry because it wouldnt stop raining there. i wonder if it was the same Philippines island.

  4. curimao is sikat na bisaya word ...

  5. nice set of words for your great photos.:)

  6. Ganda ng composition ng mga image mo..kailan kaya ako maka laag dito..:-)

  7. ang cucute nung mga fishing boats! :D

  8. nice shots!...ive been here too long time ago..hindi pa uso ang blog noon hehe...:)

  9. Micamyx
    Ako din I plan to go back, with better weather of course :)

    Turista Trails
    Glad you liked it, that's one of my favorite photo from the trip :)

    Thanks Fifi, the Philippines is so huge but I bet there are indeed some similarities between Caramoan and Currimao

    Care to share what it means? :)

    Thank you, I sometimes get inspired to really write after a long hiatus :)

    Travel Ta Bai
    Yakang yaka yan Bai!

    Oo nga, at parang color-coordinated pa sila :)

    Joel Catimbang
    Blogs or no blogs, the important thing is we experienced the place :)