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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Boracay's White Beach

Everyone has been to Boracay but me.

To be honest, I really don’t feel compelled to visit the most celebrated island in the Philippines. I know the sand is to die for but I really don’t judge a place by its sand. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I feel there is more to a place than fine sand. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not being a snob about it, I’m not even avoiding Boracay, it’s just that it’s not pulling my soles at all.

And so it happened that en route to Mindanao, we passed through Aklan and C suggested we detoured to Boracay for a day or so. Well, I said, why not?

Boracay, PhilippinesThe wind was whipping the coconut trees covering the mall-like arcade fronting the white sands of Boracay as our leg-powered pedicab wound through the narrow alleys. We alighted at the farthest lodge. We weren’t really avoiding the crowd; it just happened that it was the cheapest room we can find for an overnight stay at the island.

Strong Waves at BoracayWe quickly unpacked and left the room. I was curious about Boracay’s popularity.

The waves were slamming like crazy on the banks of the arcade as we reached the beach. A windstorm seemed hell-bent on drowning everything and I can hardly see the beach at all. This however didn’t stop people from flocking the small boulevard.

Inside a Mall in BoracayIt was like walking along Ayala Avenue on a rush hour, only instead of business suits and sharp office attires, people were wearing wide-brimmed hats, colorful floral swimsuits and flip-flops.

Riding along the throng of beautiful beach people, we checked out the stores fronting the beach.

From Station 3, where our cheap-ass lodge is located, we walked all the way to way to the end of Station 2 where the more posh resorts are. I observed the gradual increase of quality and priceyness of the resorts and boutiques as we got farther away from Station 3.

Bad Weather at BoracayI apologize for not taking pictures of the arcade. Although my camera was just hanging around my neck, I didn’t feel like clicking the shutter. In hindsight, I really should have though. Boracay’s arcade is really an interesting place, it’s like a long hall inside a mall; only difference is, it’s on the beach. And let’s not forget the people, Boracay is full of beautiful people.

We reached the end of the arcade, sort of. The tide, encouraged by strong winds, was coming in hard and lest we submerge ourselves to the sea, we really cannot walk any further. There was nothing to do but turn back.

A Kid Playing Along Boracay's Strong WavesAlthough I really didn’t get to enjoy Boracay’s beach that much on that initial jaunt, I was able to see a few glimpses why Boracay ticks. And I guess I’m willing to walk a few more hours and swim along its rough waters just to see more of it.

Boracay Location Map

Boracay Beach
Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan

How to get to Boracay: By Plane, through Caticlan Airport or Kalibo Airport via all major airlines. By Ferry, through Batangas Port via 2Go Shipping Line.

GPS Location: 11.963929,121.92487
View Location on Google Maps: Click Here

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  1. At least you've been there na. I haven't yet, until now. I always think of it as a place for lovers, no place for a solo wanderer like me haha I have a scheduled trip in November there, though, hope it will push through.

  2. pwede mag put-up nang tent? will be there by the end of october kahit walang bajet hahahaha

  3. Ako I stayed in a dorm-style place in Boracay last April that I didn't know na nage-exist pala hehe. I love Boracay kahit sabihin nila na touristy na sya :)

  4. buti ka pa. virgin pa ako sa boracay. kailan kaya? haaay... love the intensity of the kid going against the waves

  5. yey! si Turista Trails din di pa nakakapag boracay! ako din e! yehey di lang ako hehehe

  6. I was only able to visit Boracay in 2010, medyo late na rin but it was only then that opportunity presented. Was actually really excited to go but was sadly underwhelmed (tama ba ang term ko??)

    Boracay just seems to be so crowded and dirty. Although it was it's good points like the food and such but I guess commercialization got the better of it already. Really sad though as I'm been reading for the very early visitors of the island that Boracay has indeed changed for the worse. =(

    P.S. I prefer Guiamaras. =)

  7. Maganda daw talaga sa Boracay! Bwahaha! Medyo relate din ako sayo master. Medyo lang. I find traveling kasi a luxury and beautiful beaches doesn't attract me that much. Usually, I join trips if libre or mura or may gagawin akong makabuluhan sa place. Yung may gagawing makabuluhan, yan talaga yung best motivator ko. I love staying sa bahay at lumalabas lang if may mga community outreach programs or meeting. HAHAHA! Who knows makalibre din ako sa boracay but so far, C minus ang grade ko sa lakbayan! Iba talaga yung mga travel bloggers - super passionate. :)

  8. Went there alone myself during a rainy weekend and didn't swim. Haha.

    Spot on yung it's like walking along Ayala Ave on a rush hour. Very crowded but I admit the parties at night are quite interesting. ;p

  9. 2 hours away lang yan from where I'm at pero hndi ko pa mapuntahan xD.. another beach na naman kasi hihi ^_^... although will go there again soon and will have to see what makes it different from the rest of the other islands with white beach

  10. My first Boracay trip was like more than a decade ago when the "coliform scare" scared the wits of the Department of Tourism and we had to "check it out." I wish to come back but perhaps longer this time.

  11. i went there for the first time last february and stayed at station 3.5 where the cheap bad ass lodging houses are located. boracay has its own charm and i thought that i can do away with it but i was happy i did visit the island:)

  12. I've never had Boracay with strong waves... as in.. always calm and super duper nonexistent waves! Great pics, parang ganda ganda ng DMall! :D

  13. Actually di rin ako masyado naaatract sa Boracay..pero i ofcourse want to experience it.

  14. yeah, you should taken photos of the arcade area, to promote it to future tourists. the little shops boulevard looks like a cute place to take a stroll and browse, perfect for tourists to buy souvenirs. a perfect title for this blog would be "Don't Judge a Tropical Beach area by its Sand."

  15. Pinas is truly beautiful with all its white-sand fine beaches..hope to visit this in my next vacay in pinas..thanks for sharing..miss ko na tuloy ang pinay..thanks din po sa visit..

  16. Aleah
    Haha for lovers? Di naman, si Chino kasama ko dun eh haha

    Lakbay Diva
    I think you can pitch a tent on the far side of Station 3, but I'm really not sure :)

    I don't mind if a place is touristy, as long as it is beautiful, go lang :)

    Turista Trails
    Hirap lang mag-book ng air sale sa Boracay, ubos agad lagi, you have the option on taking the 2Go ferry from Batangas though

    Book tayo? :)

    Same here Tin, I was underwhelmed, siguro I need to revisit Boracay on a much sunnier day

    Simply Francis
    Mura lang naman gastos namin sa Boracay, saka you really don't need to go that far, ang daming magandang lugar malapit dyan sa inyo :)

    Ryan Mach
    Haha didn't bother with the parties Ryan, next time siguro :P

    Haha Grasya! Anokaba, palit nga tayo ng location! :D

    Ding Fuellos
    Haha ang tagal na nun ah, it would be interesting how Boracay looked then to what it is now

    Okay na rin naman diba? But not really the best (well at least for me) :P

    Eileen Campos
    Ang swerte ah! Summer lagi?

    Same here June :)

    Hahaha you got that right

    No problem Ruby, glad to see you here too :)

  17. I went to Boracay again (for the 2nd time this year) 3days ago. The weather was really nice. The Beach is clean. No moss and dirt. Fish swim everywhere even if the water is only knee-high. You could see them as the water is so clear. 3rd week of November is the best time to visit Boracay!

    1. I would take your advice Bon. Didn't see any fishes during my visit there

  18. Biruin mo 'yun. 'Di na ako virgin... when it comes to Boracay LOL! Won a blog feature contest last year to experience the island. Then this year, revisit ko na next week.