POSTCARDS | The Milky Way Over El Nido

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My neck aches from looking upwards at the sky from the darkened beach of Corong Corong in El Nido. The past few days had been cloudy and there were nary any stars above.

The sky cleared up on our third day and the stars finally shined. The Milky Way made an appearance quite early, rising from the south and inching its slow way across the horizon. I waited ‘til midnight for the galaxy to get near enough to Taraw Peak before calling it a day.

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  1. Hey Christian, question. Do you need to have a high-tech and expensive camera to be able to capture a stunning night scene like this?

  2. heavenly beautiful! The stars are so stunning... yeah, I'm curious what cam you're using to catch this heavenly shot?

  3. i wanna learn this!!! Biri Island it is!!!

  4. Rhoda, Micamyx, Eileen
    Thanks girls!

    Ryan, Ian
    I always use my Sony NEX5N when shooting the Milky Way, maganda kasi ang high ISO handling nun, which is something you need to get the shot without the photo being too noisy :)

    Be sure to bring a wide lens wiith at least f2.8 aperture, or a camera with high iso capabilities :)

  5. syet napakanta ako bigla. "Look at the stars.look at how they shine for you".hehe

  6. it sure was well worth the wait.. great shot! :)

  7. imagine all those stars having planets, forming their own solar system. Amazing!

  8. Rian
    Thanks Rian, it was sure worth walking through pitch-black darkness :)

    It boggles the mind diba :)

  9. Wow. This is beautiful. I know no matter what, sometimes photographs can't capture what the eyes (and the heart) sees. I'm sure this was SO much more beautiful in real life. Good job with this photograph though!