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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The city of Dumaguete has its own share of historic structures and one of these is the St. Catherine of Alexandria Church or more popularly known as the Dumaguete Cathedral.

Located far on the church’s left side is its old bell tower, the Campanario de Dumaguete, one of the four watchtowers that once dotted the city. It was once used as a warning device against marauding Moro invaders in the 1700’s. The circular tower is made of coral stones with a pentagonal bell house topped with a red dome.

A Pieta sculpture along with a grotto dedicated to the Our Lady or Lourdes can also be found on its base.

The church itself is also an antiquity, claiming the title of being the oldest stone church in Negros. Built in 1754, it was reconstructed in 1885 and was renovated in 1936 to its present state. Its age however does not show in its façade and interiors.

The present face of the cathedral looks very new; the base is finished in orange bricks and the main façade of shiny painted concrete. Towering on its sides are the statues of St. Peter and St. Paul. Overall, it looks very regal with its faux columns and curving ornaments.

Inside, the church is a study in church modernity. The walls are cleanly painted in simple whites and except for the door and window arches everything is rigidly angular.

What I really love about its interior though is its translucent central dome. Its design is intricate yet very modern at the same time.

The Dumaguete Cathedral is really not what I was expecting it to be. I was looking forward to an old-world church but instead found a very modern looking “old” cathedral. Although I’m still leaning towards old-looking house of worships, Dumaguete’s version of it still did not disappoint.

Location MapDumaguete Cathedral
Address: Perdices Street, Dumaguete City
Central Visayas 

GPS Coordinates: 9.305279,123.307511
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  1. modern inside vintage outside. Very nice!

  2. I am always there when i am still assigned in Cebu since travel time is 30 mins only from Liloan Port of Santander. Namiss ko bigla ang Dumaguete at ang tsiken ng Jo's Inato at night life sa boulevard;)

  3. yung prang may twist noh .. i mean old but new sa loob

  4. our next travel list, dumaguete. we've been hearing nice things about this place.

  5. The outside face is elegant while the bell tower is classic. Nice captures!

  6. Rome, Kulatipot
    I agree, kaya lang sayang din yung old heritage talaga

    Traveling Morion
    Di namin na-try yung Jo's Inato ah, maybe next time :)

    Dumaguete is a nice place for food trips, okay din sya as a base if you plan to tour the nearby islands of apo and siquijor. :)

    Thanks Ian :)

  7. You know what? I have been to Dumaguete a number of times in the past. I was not a blogger then, nor a photo enthusiast. I just pass by there going to our partners in Don Bosco. Our partner has been telling me I should go and visit it--but never did. Regrets!

    Thanks for sharing! This makes me want to reconsider Dumaguete as my retirement place.

  8. Ding
    Sayang naman, but I'm sure mapapadpad ka pa rin ulit dyan, kaw pa :)