ON THE ROAD | Stranded at the Port of Iloilo

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Running around, chasing massive old churches in Iloilo found us in its not so busy streets ‘til nine in the evening. A quick dinner at a local fast-food chain and we were zooming towards Fort San Pedro for our two-hour ferry ride to Bacolod. As luck would have it, we were on the wrong port and the last trip left three hours before. The next ride en route to our next stop would not be ‘til six in the morning. With limited budget, we had no other choice than to sleep at the port and wait it out. For seven hours, it almost felt like I’m a real backpacker haha.

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  1. Toinks. Certified backpacker ka na nga koyah :D Gusto ko mag-Guimaras toinks

  2. hobo ka na naman! :D

  3. Micamyx
    Haha feeling ko nga eh, kelangan ko na bumili ng backpack na totoo nyan haha

    Haha ganun talaga!

  4. Oh sorry to hear the last ferry left. So ganyan pala ang qualification para maging official na backpacker? Interesting! hehehehe