ON THE ROAD | Longanisa Vigan

Sunday, June 03, 2012

A trip to Ilocos cannot be complete without chowing down a few of Vigan’s famous garlic longanisa. There was even one trip up north that I did a year ago where I ate almost nothing but these mini delights. Unhealthy I know but it’s not everyday I’m in Ilocos. The last night of our Ilocos trip ended in Vigan City, my dinner of course was automatic.
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  1. ang sarap naman nyan--I've been to Vigan pero parang di ako nakatikim nyan :(

  2. I will definitely get myself this delight when I am in Ilocos. Where is the best?

  3. Longganisa's one of the many things I miss. Some people buy souvenirs whenever vacationing to different provinces in the Philippines. Our clan buys longganisas. =)

  4. alam ng misis ko na ito ang dinadayo ko sa kaibigan ko sa Candon & Vigan, kaya masarap din empanadang Vigan dahil dito (frankly naglalaway ako sir Christian)

  5. I've seen Vigan-style longganisa sold in some Pinoy groceries in Cerritos, CA. I'll buy a package the next time I go there and try it.

  6. Mayet
    You should never miss these along with bagnets :)

    Doc Wends
    The best one for me is at Hidden Garden :)

    Batang Lakwatsero
    I think meron sa mga groceries sa Manila, mas mahal nga lang

    Tin you should try out Longanisa Surpresa in SM North Edsa :)

    Hahaha, ako basta garlic longanisa okay na ko :P

    You should Bert :)