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Monday, April 23, 2012

I don’t know whether I should thank Aleah of Solitary Wanderer who tagged me at the 7 Super Shots game or detest her (just joking Aleah hehe). The challenge seemed easy enough at first glance; select seven of your best photos that would fit the seven themes of the game.

Well… Upon second thought, this is not really easy stuff after all. Considering I have 75,159 photos sitting on my hard drive (more than half of which I have really not yet processed), easy just got thrown out the window. It would be, as the cliché goes, like picking seven needles in a haystack.

But I want to do this, so off the top of my head here are my needles.

T A K E S   M Y   B R E A T H   A W A Y


Photographed 32,000 feet over the Himalayas on my first and only trip out of the Philippines. Not wanting to miss anything, I was fighting off sleep while on board a jetliner to the Netherlands; sleep of course always wins. For some lucky reason, I woke up as we were passing the Himalayas and saw this awesome awesome view from the comfort of my airplane seat.

M A K E S   M E   D R E A M


Taken on the last day of my European trip. That was actually me on the photo, I set up my tripod, ran like hell and photographed myself before going back to Manila. Winning this trip was actually something that was a complete and utter surprise for me. Never in my wildest dream that I’d be picked for On Assignment: Europe from over more than a hundred veteran travel photographers in the country and be shooting for the Lonely Planet. It’s a reminder that we shouldn’t stop dreaming and what seems insurmountable and impossible is possible if we put our minds to it.

M A K E S   M E   T H I N K


The northernmost province of the country had always been one of my dream destinations. I was surprised to find that not only did Batanes possess beauty in its breathtaking windswept landscapes but also in its people. For one whole week, I felt nothing but good vibes from the Ivatans. Every single person we met on the road, young or old, whether they’re walking, riding a bike, an automobile or a motorcycle, they never failed to greet us. At first I thought that it was because we looked like tourists; cameras and all. But as I soon found that they also greet each other with the same warmth. Now that really made me think; why is this phenomenon limited to Batanes? Why can’t all Filipinos be like the Ivatans? There’s nothing to lose and everything to be gained if we just emulate their kindness.

M A K E S   M E   L A U G H   O R   S M I L E


I mean, do I even have to explain? :D

M A K E S   M Y   M O U T H   W A T E R


My all-time favorite food are Longanisas. Unfortunately, I seem to have no good photos of them; most probably because I’m always too excited to eat them and remember to photograph after only everything has been consumed. But my second most favorite food is Crispy Binagoongans; which I have a good photo of. Taken from the Casa Roses restaurant somewhere in the vicinity of Malacanang; it may not be the best Crispy Binagoongan I’d had (that would be from Lola Idang’s) but this is definitely the most hugest one; and surprise, they’re actually good too!

T E L L S   A   S T O R Y


When I was still a kid, every time I get scolded for doing something naughty my grandma would always end her sermon with the phrase “Hay nako, papunta ka pa lang, pabalik na ako.”

I ’ M   M O S T   P R O U D   O F : M Y   W O R T H Y   O F   N A T I O N A L   G E O G R A P H I C   S H O T


I know this is not really my bestest of the best photograph and I know that I can easily top this with a slew of dramatic images, but I won’t. This is the photograph I am most proud of. Taken at a small fishing town of Urk in the Netherlands, this snapshot landed the cover of Lonely Planet Magazine Philippines. My first magazine cover, ever. It may not be worthy of National Geographic, but it is worthy of the Lonely Planet at least; and that’s good enough for me.

And that was tough! And now it’s my turn to pass this problem to other travel bloggers out there haha:

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  1. Oh no! maghahalungkat ako sa baul ko! hahaha! thanks for the tag! ilang tao b anag dapat i-tag? using the same themes?

  2. Wow, I'm just blown away by your choices, Christian. Except for the food (meat makes me cringe now haha), I love everything! Okay, my favorites are Himalayas, The Hague (which I didn't get to visit on my Eurotrip!), and Batanes. But I also like the imagery of the photo which tells a story though. Galing mo talaga, hope to meet you soon!

  3. wait ang gaganda ha? kapressure much hehe

  4. wow! yung Tells a story! such a keeper!
    I remember your post about the Himalayas shot..
    And that photo from Batanes.. is unforgettable!

  5. i can tell that you're a great photographer.. love the last shot!

  6. pre! i love the papunta ka palang, pabalik na ako shot! the best. sana makasama kita ulit at magpapaturo ulit ako sayo

  7. 1. Tells A Story
    2. Makes Me Dream
    3. Makes Me Laugh Or Smile (no.1 had a "fart" reflects color)

  8. Waah! Nahiya toloy akung magpost ng photo s blog ko. Bye travel blog, balik ako sa home and garden blog! Lol! Haha.

    Bakit ngaun lng kita nakilala kuya xtian, dapat close na tau nuon pa. Hahaha.

  9. wow i love all the choices! galeng a.

  10. Gustong gusto ko yung 'Tells a story'.. sapul na sapul idol.. galing :D fanboy e,hahaha

  11. ay lab dem all! haydol ka talaga! :D

  12. Nganga aq sa photos u bro, ganda! Luv the color en drama wew!

  13. Aleah wouldn't be sorry for choosing you. Alright, these photos does not swept everything's away cuz all of yours are PERFECT! uy, smile.... hehe. Ganda! Gusto ko yung shot, kita puwit!

  14. Christian. na pressure tuloy ako nito. wala man akong super shots. shots lang walang super. Na tag din ako ni Aleah. Pero ayos lang. Katulad mo, mag halungkat din ako. :-).

  15. wowww!!! super shots indeed! i love all of them but my faves are No. 1, 2 and 3 coz I haven't seen the Himalayas, Batanes and the Hague (altho been to Netherlands). Congrats on having a Lonely Planet cover shot!! Galing!

  16. every single photo in this blog takes my breath away...

    on funny pic: i bet the man was trying to f@rt hahaha...

    tells a story: the phrase captured in a photo. wow.

  17. the "takes my breath away" shot tops the best of 7 for me... is was awesome, stunning and took my breath away in this beautiful photography... But the rest of the photos are also feast to the eyes.

  18. Ding Fuellos
    Sorry for the late reply Ding, yes it's 5 people :)

    Haha meat is murder? :P

    Elal Jane Lasola
    Kaya mo yan Elal! :)

    Francis Balgos, AkosiShinChan
    I was a bit frustrated with that tells a story photo, the kid was moving way too fast and I wasn't able to frame it properly, pero the story is so good, kaya okay na rin :)

    Saan ba next lakad mo? Tara! :)

    "no.1 had a "fart" reflects color" haha ano po?

    Nyek hehe, salamat!

    Sure Tin! :)

    Haha panalo yung pwit shot diba? Kasya buong wallet mo jan haha

    Hirap maghalungkat no? Pahirap tong si Aleah eh haha

    Mhe-anne Ojeda
    Atty., I can't believe you haven't been to those places! Sa dami na nang napuntahan mo? :)

    Lakbay Philippines
    Haha, I think his ass is really just to big for his pants :P

    Batang Lakwatsero
    Haha kaya mo yan!

    Gabz, Ephraim, Macy, Anny, Romz, Traveling Morion, Chikoy Domingo, Ian
    Thanks po :)

  19. hay naman pang magazine ang mga pictures na to! totally amazing!

  20. Adventurousfeet, Renz Bulseco, Brenna, Nel
    Salamat friends! :)

  21. the first one is really a WOW. no other words to describe it but breathtaking.

  22. Chyng
    Salamat Chyng, teka na tag ka na ba dito?

  23. I love your first 3 shots! Galing po! :)

  24. Every single photo is breathtaking. Iba ka talaga idol! Sapul na sapul yung Tells a story at yung Takes My Breath away!

  25. i love your blog and of course ..PHOTOS!!!

  26. The photos are awesome! How about taking part in our photo game for bloggers? http://blog.booked.net/2012/08/14/join-our-blogger-promotion-capture-the-seasons/

  27. These are such amazing photos, makes me want to go on a photography training with you. I really loved the one taken from The Netherlands and the one with the story. So fantastic.

  28. So this is the reason why you are christian sangoyo and we are, the mortals who drool at your photos..:)

  29. I really love reading your blog... it's neat and the photos are worth a page on every magazine T^T

    super WOW mga photos ^^

    1. Salamat Ritsi, glad you're following my adventures! :)