CAGAYAN | Sunset at Tuguegarao's Buntun Bridge

Saturday, April 28, 2012

With nothing to do right after riding the waters of Chico River, I and a few of the Lakbay Norte guys decided to visit the nearby Buntun Bridge for a sunset shoot. The sky was already turning some reds and oranges over as our tricycle roared into the roads of Tuguegarao.

There was almost nothing left of the beautiful colors we saw from the highway as we alighted from our ride. The sun was already out but there were still a few afterglows. Well, we were already on location, turning back’s a waste of time so we shoot with what we have.

Tuguegarao’s Buntun Bridge is the longest river-spanning bridge in the country. Its 15-section span crosses the Cagayan River and connects Tuguegarao to Solana Cagayan. It’s so long you can sing the full Philippine National Anthem from end to end.

With the sun gone, we made do with the blue hour; watching kids strolling on the bank, a fisherman checking his nets and a group of guys lighting a bonfire up. With cars passing overhead lighting the bridge, we planted our tripods and set our cameras; we got to know each other and watched the multitudes of stars come out as twilight arrived.

It was a quiet moment; all you hear is the soft roar of the wind, the gradual flow of the river, the sigh of the morning turning into evenings.

Our time below Cagayan’s Buntun Bridge may be short and it may not be on our official itinerary but it was one of my more memorable moments during the whole Lakbay Norte trip.

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  1. char. hahaha.

    drama ah! i remember that this was the moment wherein first time ata tayong nagbonding kahit saglit lang ng dahil sa photography! hehe.

    at natuto ako kung anong ibig sabihin ng changing ng exposure dun sa camera ko. hahaha. salamat master!

  2. nice photos parang hindi sa pinas ahh

  3. Wow! Ang galing talaga ng photos nyo Sir Christian! :) Yung light streaks talaga isa sa gusto kong matutunan, hehe. Looking forward po sa pictures nyo sa Postal Heritage Tour. Mag-eenjoy po kayo talaga sa photo opportunities dun. :)

  4. Dami kong tawa sa Philippine National Anthem. Pag wala akong kasabay kumanta, nakakalimutan ko lyrics. So I might not even finish it when I get to the other end. Hahaha!

  5. beutiful photos! great composition! galing! :)

  6. pamatay sa mga pix! naman!

  7. Nice long exposure shots!
    looks very serene!

  8. We used to take the ferry from Tuguegarao to Solano during my field days in the Cagayan River Basin. I didn't know until a few years back that there is now bridge across the mighty Cagayan River. Me toll ba?

  9. Nice photos... Ayos na ayos mga travel mo sir!

  10. SoloflightEd
    Haha ang emo!

    Sa Pinas po! :)

    Thanks Karla! Sama ka rin ba sa next tour?

    Pinay Travel Junkie
    Haha ako rin di ko kabisado pag wala kasabay, sabay na lang tayo haha

    Mar, Francis, Ms. Chuniverse, Tin, Lestat
    Thanks po! Ang konti ng photos ko, kinapos sa oras eh :P

    Yup I read that ganun nga daw dati, wala naman po syang toll :)

  11. Replies
    1. Thanks Flory! It's nice to shoot the sunset along the Buntun Bridge :)