POSTCARDS | Sour Weather at Coron

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I woke up and it’s raining. Today’s our Malcapuya tour and we almost didn’t go, we still pushed through though, bad weather and all. It’s not everyday that we’re in Coron, might as well go. The rough seas tossed us around, we got rained on at Malcapuya, we didn’t get to visit Banana and Bulog Dos islands and we got the ride from hell on our way back to town.

This is by far the roughest, meanest, wettest, most intense and most neverending-ish boatride of my life. It was freakin’ awesome in its own weird way. Kudos to our boatmen Avel and his father Toto from bringing us back alive.

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  1. hahaha. parang masokista lang. LOL

  2. I understand why you elected to sail, bad weather and all; but are you going to go through the same rough sea experience again given a choice? I went through a similar, if not worse, experience and my answer is a resounding NO! LOL. Our boat almost capsized and I was nearly thrown overboard on a fishing trip in a stormy weather that we could have put off to a calmer day. Do I need to tell you I was not wearing a lifejacket and I do not know how to swim.

  3. good thing ur boat man was a risk taker!

  4. OMG! alon pa lang scary na at nakunan mo pa ha. =)

  5. kuhang kuha yung lakas ng alon. buti nakuha mo pang magshoot.

  6. A photograph that speaks a thousand words :) Astig sir!
    Pero delikado yan baka mabasa ang camera, hope sir you landed safe and your things were still dry.

  7. Nakagamit ka pa din ng cam kahit ganun ang weather..good thing you're safe! :)

  8. same here Kuya! It was June. Last day of our island hopping when the rain poured. We didn't get a chance to visit Bulog and Malaroyroy. But we did insist to visit Banana Island and Malcapuya. What an intense feeling... Great you're safe and kicking! ;0

  9. delubyo. hahah! I think we had the same experience the first time I went there. Sa Culion pa naman kami papunta nun. Breathtaking no? Literal. hahaha!

  10. Doi
    Haha oo nga :P

    Yes, but next time I'll bring a drybag that can fit my whole camera bag. :D

    Haha not sure if that was a good thing :P

    MarLiesTravels, Edmaration, Dong, Michi
    With an underwater camera, I don't have to worry about my camera getting wet. The magic of Canon D10 haha

    Haha parehas pala tayo! Actually, parang dagdag sa experience yung nangyari na yan :)

    Haha breathtaking nga! :D

  11. haha di ko napicturan... nxt time pipicturan ko na haha sayang... ung mga mader kase eh ayaw palabas cam daya haha

    1. masisira camera mo dun pag nilabas mo, lalo na saltwater yun :P