POSTCARDS | Seven Days Through the Bicol Region

Monday, March 05, 2012

The days that were supposed to be my rest from my impromptu week-long sojourn through the northern parts of Luzon turned into another week of adventure at the opposite end of the island. The question that greeted me as I put down my bag: “We’re going off to Bicol in a few hours, wanna tag along?”

I could not say no. I was unpacking and repacking my bags, charging my cams, transferring photos, finishing odds and ends and before I knew it we were rolling towards Southern Luzon.

Five raging waterfalls, innumerable treks, a smoldering hot spring, one chilly cold spring resort, two beaches, a sprawling deer farm, one mountain, countless wakeboards, two awkward spills, and numerous local dishes; it was infinitely better than resting.

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  1. Sarap naman! Sana makasama ako sa mga lakad mo...

  2. Those were all in Bicol?!?!? I'm gonna wait for your posts then. Dyan and mom ko and parang yung Mayon lang lagi ang napupuntahan namin. Hahaha.

    Ang sarap ng buhay freelancer no?!?!?! Wahahaha!

  3. Ay, parang we do have the same shot..hehe nakiki level. I mean, meron din ako almost same pic sa Quezon province namin pero mas bongga parin tong sayo. Buti hindi nasisira ang batt kakacharge?

  4. Aleah
    Palit tayo ng location :D

    Sure, why not? :)

    Ang sarap nga ng buhay freelancer! ;D

    Really? Patingin! Oks lang recharge ng recharge hehe

  5. Kuya, di pa ko blogger nun? (blogger tlaga) hehe..i scan ko pa kasi yun at hanapin. hehe, wag na. hawig lang naman, asa bato tas may bundok sa bground.. hiya tuloy ko sayo.
    Next time, try mo na ang whitewater rafting ha. recharged!

  6. Idol, bat paisa-isa na lng photos per entry?