PAMPANGA | 2012 Caltex Hot Moves Photo Contest

Friday, March 09, 2012

It’s been years since I last attended the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Pampanga but the thrill of shooting these colorful giants was still the same as I stepped onto the dry grass fields of Clark one cold morning of February.

Every year, Caltex Philippines and Digital Photographer Philippines host a photo contest for photography enthusiasts during the festival. The theme for this year’s competition is Hot Moves - A Journey Like No Other. It focuses on the joys the event brings to the people attending the fiesta.

With high stakes, Php30,000.00 worth of Caltex Starcash Cards, Sony cameras and an annual subscription for Digital Photographer Philippines, every photographer was vying for the top photos of the day. Ten photographs were chosen each day, which automatically wins the lucky shooter Php3,000.00 worth of Caltex Starcash Card and a chance for the top honors.

My photo which features two kids seemingly savoring the moment below the massive sunflower balloon was fortunate to get a slot on the top photos of the day on the last day of the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta and be included in the top ten overall winners of the contest.

The moment I saw the little girl looking up at the balloon by herself, I immediately knew that I had a shot right there. I laid on my back and started clicking and rolling along with the girl. It was with good fortune that her little brother followed her and I captured them at a tender moment, the only thing missing was good light as the day was extremely overcast. Good light or bad light, we shoot nonetheless.
Photographers were allowed to submit two images. However, the second one I passed, showing lovers making out inside the balloon, did not make the cut; too racy perhaps hehe.

The top three photos were announced a few days ago at the Caltex Fanpage with Maryann Macapinlac at 3rd place, Tynn Daez on 2nd and Michael Quirante bagging the top spot.

My entry came in at 6th place, not bad really. Although I didn’t get to win the top prizes, I still got myself a beautiful photo that I can be proud of. At the end, that’s really what matters most. But of course a few thousands of Starcash card wouldn’t hurt either hehe, but I guess I’ll try my luck again next year.

A big thanks to the people who supported and Liked my photo during the course of the contest. Although the FB popularity was only 10% of the final score, ten percent is still ten percent. Again, high five to you all! High five

Caltex Hot Moves Winners

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  1. Nice photo! You'll bag the top prize next year! ;)

  2. Another one winning shot bro. Congrats sa yo. :-).

  3. Panalo din naman!! ur still lucky! :)

  4. Bon, Francis
    Thanks! Pwede na rin kahit 6th lang hehe

    Mar, Traveling Morion, Val, Tin
    Thanks friends! Apir!

    Haha next year it is :)

    Hopefully tuloy tuloy ulit like last year :)