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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Camiguin's Sunken Cemetery

It’s my first time in Mindanao and after weeks of planning the itch to shoot a sunset at Camiguin’s iconic Sunken Cemetery had became unbearable (OA! hehe). We headed to Bonbon and waited for an hour for the sun to go down. Everything looked promising; the sun was out, rocky foregrounds were in place and cloud formations were good. Thirty minutes before the magic hour, sinister-looking clouds from Mt. Hibok Hibok moved in and showered on our parade; this is totally unfair! I was forced to use a rainjacket and shoot a few frames of a premature sunset before everything got lost in the downpour.

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  1. Sayang umepal ang ulap, but still, this is one of the best photograph of the sunken cemetery I've seen.

  2. i love this photo! great way to see the sunken cemetery. Super super like!

    Dr. Wends of

  3. Love it!

    Sayang pasaway ang mga ulap pero you still made a magical photo despite the circumstances. Iba ka talaga Christian, iba ka!!

  4. Kinda ghostly and creepy, really captured the mood of the place. ;p

  5. Ang ganda ng shot! Gustong-gusto ko bumisita sa Camiguin, wala lang time.

  6. Cool! It still turned out great. It fits the subject. =)

  7. what can I say??? Im always a fan. Show us more reasons why its more fun in the Philippines!

  8. Markyramone, Joan
    Oo nga eh, sakto na sana eh. Salamat!

    Journeys and Travels
    Thank you Dr. Wends!

    Chasing Philippines
    Mich, thanks!

    Pinoy Wandering Boy, Robbie
    As I think it should be diba? Thanks!

    Kimberley Reyes
    Medyo mahirap nga bumisita ng Camiguin, effort!

    Haha malas pre!

    Rome Diwa, Adventurousfeet

    Oo at least, nakakuha pa rin kahit papano :)