POSTCARDS | Below the Surface of Guimaras’ Villa Igang

Thursday, December 01, 2011

I don’t mind bringing along a bagful of snorkeling equipment just as long as I can glide along the surface to my heart’s content of whatever beach my sore feet takes me. I was expecting to find good snorkeling grounds in Villa Igang as per my previous experience in Raymen Beach not one year ago but I was a bit disappointed as I dove down and switched on my underwater camera. Everything’s not lost though; there were still some pretty interesting things down under every few feet or so; this was no coral garden, but it was a fair enough in-betweener before my next snorkeling trip.

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  1. uhm i didn't find villa igang snorkeling worthy but i found it adrenaline-pumping-jump-off-cliff worthy hahahaha...

  2. I haven't tried snorkeling yet.. >.< I'm a little scared of waters.. hahaha.. XD Would love to see what the underwater can offer though.. :)

  3. Cool!! Did you just use your d10 for this one? And no need to place a protective underwater case on it? :)

  4. Lakbay Philippines
    If I didn't go further out on my third day, I would have agreed with you. But Villa Igang's underwater gets more interesting as you head outwards; it's definitely no Coron but it's pretty okay by my standards (but I am easily pleased really hehe). The low water makes for excellent underwater macro photos too!

    You have to try snorkeling Sumi! You're missing out so much! :)

    The Sunset Goddess
    Yup D10 lang po :)

    Joniphilippines, Ian
    Yup oo nga eh, anyone knows what those are?