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Monday, December 05, 2011

When it comes to choosing a place to eat in, I usually stay away from Filipino-themed restaurants since I feel that my mom and dad can also excellently cook those dishes themselves. Why should I pay for something that can be had at home right? Well I thought I was right until I tasted what Kanin Club has to offer.

Located at the lush gardens of Ayala Triangle in Ayala Avenue, we usually just pass by this resto on the way to the more popular and always full Banapple. This time though, since it was an invite to eat there for L’s mom’s birthday celebration; we decided to forego Banapple and try out Kanin Club.

The Filipino themed resto’s original branch is located at Paseo de Sta. Rosa in Laguna, it has since expanded to three more branches in Westgate, Alabang, UP-AyalaLand Technohub in QC, and finally at the hip Ayala Triangle in Makati.

The façade of Kanin Club immediately says we’re gonna have some Filipino dishes; two rocking chairs like my gramma used to have were sitting out front and the wooden tables and chairs were framed by Bahay na Batoesque capiz windows and barandillas. Inside, the wooden furniture and the planked floors are cozily lighted by lampara’s and the colorful capiz and glass sliding windows reminiscent of my mom’s ancestral house in Cabanatuan nicely throws in a colorful touch.

We ordered and ordered and ordered. Our table was not enough for the amount of dishes we requested. Serving time was not that long considering the amount of food we asked for. The first one to arrive was their Crispy Liempo (Php142.00) appetizer; it was served in strips and came with three sauces. It was super crispy as in chicharon crispy! I love it, but was afraid of consuming too much as it looked very very bad for my heart.

Next up was Seafood Kare-Kare (Php298.00). I love Kare-Kare and I love seafood; simple math, combine the two and you got a superb dish!
We were also served with their veggie Lumpiang Sariwa (Php97.00) and their popular Crispy Pork Dinuguan (Php261.00). I totally adore their version of Pork Dinuguan! This is not you usual dinuguan with whole blood cakes, the pork blood is instead incorporated into the sauce and is mixed with bite sized portions crispy pork meat. I’m really not a fan of such dish but Kanin Club’s version actually makes me want to go back to their place.
We also had Camaron Rebusado (Php276.00) which is their Filipino version of tempura and Vegetarian Delight Soup (Php261.00) which is made of three kinds of mushrooms, banana blossoms and tofu in vegetarian oyster sauce. I didn’t like these two that much; the Camaron was a bit rubbery for me and the soup just didn’t fit with my personal taste (which was built for sinful foods haha).
I personally ordered my favorite dish of Crispy Pork Binagoongan. Unfortunately the one they serve was unlike the ones done by Lola Idang’s and Mozu Café. Their crispy pork belly was swimming in thin bagoong sauce which I think is fish bagoong similar to the ones served at Forest House in Baguio. I prefer my crispy binagoongan with sweet chili sauce so I didn’t like it that much. The last two on the table were their Lemon Chicken (Php224.00) and Stuffed Squid (Php224.00). The chicken was average with really nothing special going on but might suit those who like mild tasting dishes. Most were raving about the squid, but I also didn’t like it that much; the squid was okay but the chives stuffing was very tough and was hard to eat.

To say that we were totally and stuffingly full was an understatement. We were nine at the table including one kid and we totaled at Php3,000.00+, which translates to about Php300.00++ each including bowlful of rice and drinks. Kanin Club’s prices were a bit steep but considering their serving sizes which are already good for two persons (we even have to take home some stuff as we were unable to finish everything off), I guess it’s not too bad.
I love how Kanin Club manages to give new twists to old Filipino favorites. There were a few misses, but there sure were a lot more hits. I still can’t get over their Crispy Pork Dinuguan even weeks after and my mouth is watering now as I’m ending this piece. Hmmm, if only they have a branch near where I work!

    Kanin Club
    Facebook Fanpage
    Phone number: (049) 544-0332 | (02) 771-1400 | (02) 332-5978

    Ayala Triangle Gardens
    Makati Ave., Bel-Air, Makati City
    Phone number: (02) 621-6109

    Paseo de Sta. Rosa
    Sta Rosa City, Laguna
    Phone number: (049) 544-0332
    Store Hours: Weekdays 11am-2:30pm | Weekends 5-10pm | Holidays 11am-10pm

    Westgate Mall
    Commercial Ctr., FAI Admin Bldg
    Alabang, Muntinlupa City
    Phone number: (02) 771-1400
    Store Hours: Weekdays 11am-2:30pm | Weekends 5:30-10:30pm | Holidays 11am-10:30pm

    UP Ayala Land Technohub
    Commonwealth Ave. Brgy. UP Campus
    Diliman, Quezon City
    Phone number: (02) 332-5978
    Store Hours: 11am-10pm Daily

    Click to view Kanin Club Menu (From MunchPunch)

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  1. masarap yung sauce ng lemon chicken, lumpiang sariwa is so-so. pero pedeng pede na sa KC kasi laki serving :>

  2. i tried this restaurant before and so-so lang yung food. but will give it a try again, curious ako sa dinuguan.

  3. I was just here a week ago and I LOVE their crispy dinuguan and bistek tagalog! ;)

  4. this is a coincidence. my friend actually invited me there tonight but i was just too tired to go. at least i got the chance to see it and its specialty.

  5. I haven't tried this yet as all of their branches are far from my place. But will do soon though as I've heard and read a lot about Kanin Club already.. :) Thanks for sharing this.. Love the photos as usual! ;)

  6. Ang daming inorder ah! Hahaha. Palagi rin kami sa area na yan pero never ko na-try ito.

  7. I miss Ayala pre with this post. I used to visit the Glorietta, Rustans and Landmark after the mass on Sundays with my wife. The chapel has a simple design. Its good also as photography subject. :-).

  8. the crispy dinuguan is a bestseller! would love to try their seafood kare-kare! nakakagutom haha!

  9. seafood kare-kare looks interesting, tahong lang po ba sir Christian or parang may pusit yung pic?

  10. i first heard of kanin club from the one in paseo de sta. rosa. i love their tinapa rice ba yun... super!

  11. love their sinigang and seafood salpicao! i wanna try turon ala kc.. i hope they'll have a the fort branch

  12. Elo kuya Christian! I miss your blog, tagal ko kasi nawala.
    Sa tuwing after office punta kami dito sa triangle at para na rin chumicha. kaso lagi jampacked tong kanin club, actually, lahat ng kainan dito, puno! haist! Try ko nga sa maga para di loaded..dami food ha..jampacked din!

  13. Lestat
    Kulang ata sa sauce yung nakain kong Lemon Chicken kaya matabang :P

    Naku you really have to try the Dinuguan!

    The Sunset Goddess, MarLiesTravels
    Crispy Dinuguan FTW!

    Dong Ho
    That's too bad, try them out next time :)

    Sumi Go
    Don't forget to try their Crispy Dinuguan :)

    Kim Reyes
    Haha andami rin kasi namin eh :P

    Yes oo nga, will try and feature that chapel minsan :)

    Yup may pusit din :)

    Haven't tried their Tinapa Rice yet, I'll make sure that I get that next time

    Haha ako nga rin eh :P

    Have't tried both, andami ko pa gusto tikman sa kanila :)

    Panu serving nila nung Sinigang na Sinangag?

    Lahat ata ng resto sa strip na yan lagi puno pag weekdays eh, better go there on weekends na lang :P

  14. mukhang masarap yung vegetarian delight!