POSTCARDS | Flying Over the Metropolitan Lights

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

After a month of being constricted to the confines of the office, a chance to go off flying again presented itself at last. With seven tons worth of bags and whatnots we flew over the sleeping metro, jet engines roaring through the still dark sky and waited for Iloilo to appear across the plane’s window.

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  1. tried to get this no avail.. haha! we're excited for your Iloilo blog series!

  2. galing talaga ni sir Christian, appetizer!

  3. tips naman dyan on how you captured this shot :)

  4. Bakit ako di makakuha ng magandang shot pag madilim? Haha! O tamad lang akong i-explore ang camera ko?

    Kim, Coffee With Kim

  5. Ayos to ah! Kitang kita yung outline ng mga roads dhil lng sa streetlights..

  6. MarLiesTravels, Ian, Claire, Kim
    Medyo mahirap nga tong shot na to, di ko rin magawa to dati even with my dslr

    Here's how I did it did this time; I used my Sony NEX5n camera with its 16mm f2.8 lens, set it to anti-motion blur mode and snapped away. The NEX5n shoots a series of photos in this mode and automatically combines them into one shot to clean out the noise from the ultra high iso.

    So basically, what you need is a camera (if you don't have a NEX5n) that can handle high-iso levels very well, a large aperture lens (f1.8 or 2.8 lens) and a camera with vibration reduction system. :)

    Galing ng Sony NEX bro eh!

    Romz, Pinay Travel Junkie, Bonzenti
    Postcard series lang muna hehe, saka na full version

    Joniphilippines, Byron
    Thanks sirs! Ang ganda ng Manila at night!