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After posting an article about Maria Aurora’s 600-year old Balete tree, I received a pretty strange message from one of my readers, it reads:

     hi christian, what's your email add where i can send you the two pictures you've taken where you captured
     ghosts and elementals... unbeknownst to you. thanks

     - cielykaye     

It was four in the morning and I just got home from work, it was still dark, everybody was asleep and I was the only one downstairs; the hair at the back of my neck stood on end. I caught supernatural beings on my camera? Seriously?

I was scared to see what I got but I was also very very curious about it. So I went ahead and gave her my address.

The reply I got consisted of two photos, here’s a cleaned up version of it:

Now I’m really not one to believe things right away, but I do believe there are beings that are beyond what our human senses can fathom.

I checked the photos at full magnification and this is what I got for the first photo.

The Ghost of the Little Girl was unconvincing when seen up close as it looked like it was just an opening in the roots with a shaft of light.  The Family of Dead Witches did give me the creeps though, specially the hooded figure on the upper right side of the photo. I’m just not sure why my mysterious correspondent thinks that there are a family of dead witches in the area.

For the second set of sightings, here are the close-ups (pardon the blurry images, the place was too dark for handheld photography and I know I should have used my tripod haha):
The Shy Diosa (description straight from my mysterious correspondent) does indeed look like an old woman covering her face, the Elemental on the lower part of the frame looked like a strangled cat and the Elemental on the upper frame looked like a snout of a horse (well I think, that’s what it is supposed to be).

I’m a big fan of the X-Files, and although I Want To Believe as Agent Mulder does, I do prefer Agent Scully’s approach on these kind of things. I exhaust all possible logical explanation before jumping to conclusions concerning little green men and things that go bump in the night. 

The first thing that actually came to my mind after seeing the captions was that if you really tried to look hard enough, you can find just about any strange image in about anything, especially on gnarled shadowy wooden roots of Balete trees whose reputation regarding the supernatural precedes itself.

But in all fairness to my correspondent, the things she saw in my photos really resemble quite those she described and some of them even gave me the heebiejeebies.

But who am I to judge really, I’m no Fox Mulder, I just take photos. I’ll leave the verdict to you guys; drop me a line and tell me what you think about this whole strange incident.

Posted by Lakad Pilipinas on Wednesday, November 16, 2011


  1. Wow, this is really interesting! I agree with what you wrote though.. More often than not, it's really up to us (or our eyes, and our brain) if we'd see these things as ghosts and elementals, or as mere overgrown branches and vines with a play of light. But I hope it'd be left at that.. I don't want to see them anyway if they really do exist.

  2. creepy post... pang araw ng mga patay... depende rin talaga sa tumitingin, parang sa clouds din di ba?

  3. di ko na tiningnan, takot ako sa ganyan. hihi!

  4. Freaky! But I agree with what you said---if you really tried to look hard enough, you can find just about any strange image in about anything, especially on gnarled shadowy wooden roots of Balete trees whose reputation regarding the supernatural precedes itself. :) Great pictures on the previous post on the balete nonetheless :)

  5. oh shet, iniscroll ko ng mabilis after ko titigan ng mabuti. scary!!

  6. Kinilabutan naman ako dito!!!!
    Although I believe in elementals and all that, I also think na you can see almost anything in photos and make-up images if you look hard. Effort masyado. Hahaha.

  7. i knew someone would notice those kind of stuff. but i think its just a placebo effect that once someone told you about it, your mind will really try to picture it. hindi naman sa hindi ako naniniwala pero minsan, imagination lang talaga natin yan.

    pero creepy talaga yung mga part ng shots na yun, hehehe...

    oi Mccoy, check mo nga din yung mga kuha mo sa Corregidor at baka meron ka din iba pa makita :D

  8. The "shy diosa" was beside me. I wonder why she's shy...hehehe

  9. wow scary! pumasok pa naman kami dito sa balete na to, pero feeling ko wala ko nacapture. hehe. interesting post!!! hahabol pa sa halloween :)

  10. This of the same thing happen to me when a priest in Monastery showed me a picture of the rock altar (volcanic rock). That photo was taken at night with lights on. The reflection formed an image, its an image of a crucified Christ. :-).

  11. yayks! ako din kinilabutan...tuwang-tuwa pa naman tyo magpapicture...

  12. Spooky indeed. Parang gusto ko tingnan ulit mga balete photos ko..

  13. naku meron dito sa work Balete (pati big Acacia tree)

    avid fan of X-Files here, na-Ondoy nga lang mga collections ko, my most loved series

  14. Freaky! Pero kahit anong titig ko hindi ko makita ang mga Shy Dyosa, Elemental at Dead Witches. :(

  15. interesting post sir! pero bakit hindi namin makita? haha! :D

  16. sa susunod kapat merong elementals sa title mo, di ko na lang muna babasahin hehehe, creepy!

  17. huwaatt!! ako din kinilabutan...aayyeeee

  18. ang creepy naman nun... pero grabe ha ang lakilaki... basta takot ako sa balete

  19. di ko ren to npuntahan! hahaha... need to be back in Baler soon :D

  20. ay bat ganun.. wala akong nakita kahit isa. hahah! Minsan talaga kanya kanyang perception lang yan. Abstract kasi ang Balete Tree. Hindi maintindihan kung san san napadpad ang ugatpak. Before nakakakita din ako sa phone cam ko. Muka talagang demon e sa kwarto ko pa naman yung kinunan. hay naku! ang sakit sa ulo. ayun, tiwang wang ang kwerto ko ng ilang araw. ayokong tulugan. hahaha!

  21. buti nalang ipinag-umaga ko na ang pagbabasa nito! Kakakilabot ha... mahilig kasi ako sa mga stories about elementals and parapsychology at naniniwala ako na nag-eexist sila. To verify this accurately, pwede ito ipatingin sa mga may third eye or psychic experts. Pero nonetheless nasa titingin pa rin yan kung meron o hindi kung talaga may nakuhang elementals. For me, kung may psyhic na mag-veverify nyan, maniniwala talaga ako na meron. Creepy yung mga shapes at shadows.

  22. i can see all kinds of images in our bathroom tiles, so i think, this is the same case. maybe the sender just wanted to see what she believes in. i honestly can't see the elementals she was referring to in the pics.

  23. Sumi Go
    Haha me too, kung meron may ayaw ko rin makita :P

    Batang Lakwatsero
    Haha totoo man o hindi, kakakilabot pa rin hehe

    Haha tama parang sa clouds lang :P

    Tignan mo dali! :)

    The Sunset Goddess
    Hehe thanks!

    Haha anuba, tignan mo lang saglit :P

    May nakita rin ba kayo nung pumunta kayo jan?

    Haha yung sa Corregidor wala eh

    Baka nahiya sayo ampogi mo daw kasi eh haha

    Hehe pang halloween nga :P

    Wow. Patingin Kuya Bonz!

    Haha oo nga, teka sino ka ba dun? :D

    Pinay Travel Junkie
    Check mo ulit! :)

    Sayang naman, dami ko rin X-Files collection hehe

    Bon Buenviaje, MarLiesTravels
    Nyek bakit? Di naman kelangan ng third eye para makita hehe :)

    Lakwatsera de Primera
    Feeling ko naman shadows lang naman :P

    Johjoh Paner
    Ayeeee! :D

    Sa photos mo ba wala?


    Malditang "Kura"cha
    Nii demonyo talaga?

    Haha talagang pinaumaga pa talaga? :P

    Marjorie Gavan
    Oo nga bathrooms tiles pa lang and dami na, pano pa sa loob ng balete :)

  24. this is pretty scary.. certainly there are elementals living in that tree..

    1. It's really not that scary especially during the day. Kayang kaya mo pasukin yan :)