CAVITE | Sonya’s Garden at Tagaytay

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Located in Alfonso, Cavite; just barely on the outskirts of Tagaytay City is another favorite spot in the area of Metro Tagaytay, the amorous Sonya’s Garden.

The garden was originally a private escape for Sonya Garcia where she can entertain friends and families but through time grew to accommodate guests looking to experience country living amongst the lush trees and fragrant flowers.

It’s now become the getaway of choice for couples and families looking for something to soothe their city-weary souls.
Everything at this not-so-secret-garden-anymore speaks of the earth. The food is grown organically and harvested from the grounds itself by its owner, the products are earth-based, and the place can really be described as an Eden; flowers abound everywhere you look, vines hang down trellises in wild abandon, bushes and trees line its brick-laden paths, and greenhouses which are open to visitors are as common as houses on a subdivision.
Pass through it’s bakery and you’ll no doubt be hooked by the aroma wafting from its screened door.

Here they sell freshly baked goodies for visitors; from the humble pandesals, the French baguettes, to their specialties the Hispanis Bread and Cheese Hopia, they have everything to satiate the palettes of all bread lovers.
Their famed (or infamous for meat-lovers) eat-all-you-can set meal (Php610.00) is also something to try out. The fare starts out with a collection of leaves, flowers and everything green, then moves to their freshly baked wheat breads and assortment of spreads, culminating with their Salmon Belly Pasta and ending with desserts.

I loved everything, including the greens even if I’m not really a salad lover, except for the pasta course. The pasta itself was okay but the salmon that goes with it was just too hardy and was almost unpalatable.

Do check their full menu at this link: Sonya’s Garden Menu.
The garden also offers massages and wellness thingies for those wanting to ease off their bones and muscles. Those who can’t afford the somewhat steep prices for such (like me) though need not worry as sitting and relaxing in the many fairytale-like nooks located inside the garden would be enough to rejuvenate anyone’s tired-from-the-city-bustle bodies.
For those wanting an overnight experience of Sonya’s Garden, they do have accommodations for such since this is in fact a bed and breakfast. Prices are expectedly on the high side, and we haven’t really tried their rooms yet (so no photos, they’re off limits to non-guests). But judging from everything I’ve seen about this place, I’m totally betting it won’t disappoint.

Sonya’s Garden
Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite
(0917) 532-9097 | (0917) 533-5140 |

How to commute to Sonia’s Garden:
Ride a Nasugbu-bound bus and ask the driver to drop you off at Sonya’s Garden’s tricycle station (it’s around 15 to 20 minutes from Leslie’s in Tagaytay, look at your right for Sonya’s signboard in case the driver forgets to drop you). 
You may then ride a tricycle straight to the place (get the driver’s number for the ride back in case you are unable to get a tricycle on your way back.)

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  1. Sana makapunta naman ako dito. Sa Imus, Cavite lang ako pero hindi pa ako nakakapunta dyan. :( Ang dami mo ng Tagaytay recommendations at itatry ko puntahan before the year ends, hehe.

  2. Love the place, but not a fan of the food.

  3. so pwedeng walk in...not a fan of their food because i'm a meat lover but i love to see the place. =)

  4. Ang mahal mahal mahal mahal naman kasi dyan mag stay. Hahaha. But I'm curious as to how their food is like. I'm a meat-lover myself, but I'm open to trying out new things. :D

  5. my friends complained they were bitin with the buffet lunch. *LOL*
    i love the nooks and garden, the rustic ambiance. i think Sonia's Garden has become over-rated through the years.:p

  6. Sonya's Garden has already made to a number of travel magazines since... and is a famous site in Cavite. I thought this is located in Tagaytay, Alfonso pala... Cavite din lang ako pero hindi pako nakakapunta dito.

  7. tagal na din naming gustong pumunta dito.. pano ba pag commute lang? haha! :D

  8. hindi pa rin ako nakapunta diyan. Pero I've seen some pre-nup photo sessions in Sonya's. At ang romantic nga ng place na yan. Hindi tuloy ako maka-comment sa food. =(

  9. ^directions for commute is posted above [along with the article] :>

  10. i love the second shot the most. i can stay there for a month and finish reading travel stories and travel blogs.

  11. Ganda ng mga shots mo... IDOL!
    Sana Makapunta din ako dito... hehehe..:)

  12. i almost miss "get the driver’s number for the ride back in case you are unable to get a tricycle on your way back.." note.. have i missed this part we would be going home stressed.. =D

    this wasnt posted on the original site. thanks for having this one.

  13. Karla
    Lucky you ang lapit mo lang sa Tagaytay :)

    Kim Reyes
    Haha oo nga, puro gulay :P

    Okay rin naman to try their food at least once, nga lang medyo mahal

    Leaf salad Robbie :)

    Luna Miranda
    Oo nga, medyo overrated nga for the price

    Technically di na nga sya part ng Tagaytay but kasama na rin sya sa Tagaytay trips usually

    Robert Cascayan
    Their greenhouses are open for viewing kaya okay mag shoot :)

    Instructions above po :)

    Malditang "Kura"cha
    Haha bakit ayaw mo din ng gulay?

    Dong Ho
    Haha kung mura lang sana Dom :)


    Dati nilakad lang namin pabalik dahil di rin namin alam :P

  14. our senior citizens' in pacita, san, pedro, laguna is planning a lakbay aral for our members, in tagaytay city sometime this march-april, 2014.They want to see how is organic farming done which I believe you are doing right now. can we include your place in our itinerary and if so, is there any entrance fee or anything we have to do to be accommodated?

  15. Can we visit the greenhouses and that nooks and garden even when we are just buying from their shop and not availing the bed and bfast?

    1. Hi Lenie, yes you definitely can visit those even if you're not staying

  16. May I ask if there's a fee for the walk-ins?

    1. Hi Hazel, there's no entrance fee at Sonya's Garden :)

  17. The food are all organic. I love the veggies with their freshly oven sesame bread. P600 is worth it. Unlimited dressing, pate and their dalandan juice. I can't wait to go there again.

    1. Indeed! Sonya's Garden is perfect for people who love their food fresh and organic!