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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I’ve been passing by the Bamboo Organ Church in Las Piñas City for the longest time when I was still staying there and had never bothered to check out its museum for some reason. It took an appointment with my bank for me to revisit the place, and this time, finally enter its museum.

A huge bell, the original one that was used by the parish centuries ago, greeted me at its entrance. I was looking for the museum guide but was unable to find the guy so I lingered about the gift shop first, looking for ref magnets, taking photos and whatnots before the he finally showed up.

Entrance to the museum was Php50.00 and includes a postcard and a guided tour. After paying for my fee and keychain (which I would convert to a ref magnet since they ran out of stock, haha), my guide started unlocking the barred iron doors of the museum.

Like its mother structure, the Bamboo Organ Church, the museum is finished in adobe stones with red brick highlights and exposed ceiling. The huge sliding windows are made of Capiz shells and the floors of red clay tiles; giving the place a very Katipunero-era feel.The place was not that large but is chockfull of artifacts relating to the famed Bamboo Organ of Las Piñas. My guide related the parishes’ history, its humble beginnings, to the making of the organ by Padre Diego Cera, its retrofitting in Germany, and finally its reinstallation at the church. They have a mini mock-up of the bamboo organ (also made of bamboo) in the museum which you can actually play.  Its inner workings were patiently explained by my guide too.

Pictures also abound on the walls showing the various stages of the church as time passed. There were busts, priestly chairs, giant bellows (the original one that was used in the organ), old broken bamboo pipes, and paintings. Everything Bamboo Organ is packed in this place.

The highlight of the tour is the world famous Bamboo Organ itself. We entered a cavernous stone hall, up into an old stairwell and finally to the loft of the church where the organ is located. I’ve never seen the Bamboo Organ this close and it looked as ancient as I thought it would be.
I was surprised that there are a lot more pipes at its back than what’s seen upfront. Too bad the pipe repository at the back is off limits to visitors so I was unable to take photos.

I’ve actually heard the organ play during one of the annual Bamboo Organ festival and I was totally blown away at how it sounded. I was expecting something soft and organic but if my memory serves me right, it actually sounded strong and almost jarring, not the sound you’d expect to come out of bamboo poles. The fifty-peso entrance fee was totally worth every cent just to get up close to this National Treasure, the museum tour itself was just an icing on the cake. This inexpensive mini-museum tour is totally recommended to anyone passing through the city of Las Piñas.

Bamboo Organ Museum
St. Joseph Parish, P.Diego Cera Avenue, Brgy. Daniel Fajardo, Las Pinas City
(02) 825-7190 | (02) 820-0795 |
Museum Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 8AM-12PM, 2PM-6PM
Entrance Fee: Php50.00

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  1. ang bagay na hndi ko napiktyuran ng matino. hehe. naalala ko, tuloy tuloy ako sa pagpasok.. hndi ko alam may bayad pala.. hehe

  2. loboc church of bohol also has a pipe organ; they said in the days of yore, its music reaches as far as three towns away...
    quite a collection here. :)

  3. The walls are lovely. <3
    It's always a pleasure to see eroded walls like that. To know that something still stands after so many years and has survived a lot.

  4. this is what's worst. lapit ko lang sa las pinas pero di ko pa to napapasukan. nice.

  5. I’ve been passing by the Bamboo Organ Church in Las Piñas City for the longest time... SAME HERE SIR.

    Ang ganda po pala, ang laki pala ng nami-miss ko, thanks for the beautiful pictures sir.

  6. Interesting museum, sana mapasyalan ko to. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Batang Lakwatsero
    Haha ako rin di ko alam na may bayad, naka lock kasi yung gate kaya di ako nakapasok agad.

    Wow really? Sayang I was unable to enter Loboc Church last month when we were in Bohol

    I get you Robbie, sana they keep everything old that way, no paint overs =P

    Dong Ho, Joni, Caloy
    Haha bisita na habang Php50.00 pa lang ang entrance

  8. i-share ko po sa FB account ko, one beautiful place na malapit lang and many na kagaya ko ay hindi pa nakakabisita!

  9. shaira maine botavaraFebruary 6, 2012 at 3:32 PM

    sayang at poh nmn nlibot yan..

    kc my byad ung entrance ng museum..

    hnggang church lng kmi..

    klangan p nman puh s school nmn ung history ng las pinas bamboo organ..

    kht mlapt lng kmi d2..

    pamproject lng d nmn nsilip ung museum..:(

  10. Joni
    Share lang po ng share :)

    Sana humingi kayo ng student discounts, nasa Php50.00 lang naman ang entrance :)