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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Moon Garden, Tagaytay

Most Beautiful Post

Now this is hard, I’ve really no particular favorite post and I haven’t really thought about this before. Looking at my archive, if I really have to pick, I guess it would have to be the Dinner at The Ruins Bacolod post. Wait, scratch that, I think it’s my Moon Garden Tagaytay post. I feel this is my most beautifully written article (which I suppose crossed the border into being too flowery, but what the hell, right? hehe). I guess it kinda worked well combined with the photos I took of the place.

Centris Walk, Quezon City

Most Popular Post

Now, this is easier. According to my Blogger stats page, my all-time most popular post is the Jetson-esque Centris Walk in Quezon City. I guess people are really just curious about the new futuristic eat-out place in the city.

Pizza Volante, Baguio City

Most Controversial Post

Hmm... I really don’t have a post that stirred up much controversy. The only thing I can think of is my bad review regarding Baguio’s much revered Pizza Volante. It really didn’t generate much response, but I just can’t forget the very bloody chicken that was served to us (ughh).

Candaba Swamp, Pampanga

Most Helpful Post

My grand misadventures in the marshes of Candaba prompted me to write the Candaba Travel Tips article. Filled with all kinds of useful info for first time travelers to the swamp, I wish I could have read my own post before heading to the famed bird sanctuary of Pampanga. Banton, Romblon

A Post Whose Success Surprised Me

Sunrise at the Port of Banton Town was a definite surprise at the number of comments and how fast they came. I think it generated the most number of comments on all my blog posts (which is really not that many really compared to other travel blogs out there, haha). 

Malinta Tunnel, Corregidor

A Post I Feel Didn’t Get the Attention It Deserved

A jaunt through the darkened and bomb-hewn, rough passages of Malinta Tunnel in Corregidor, I felt, deserves more attention that what it got. I guess the lousy ultra grainy photos turned off the commenters, haha.

Southern Luzon Route Map

The Post That You Are Most Proud Of

My Nine-Day Jaunt through Southern Luzon is by far the longest I’ve been away from home. It took me to a lot of different places, enabled me to attend a festival, forced me to stay at a total stranger’s house, visit the islands of Caramoan, scour Naga’s old churches, and wreaked the most havoc on my feet from all the walking and hiking I’ve done. This is my grandest adventure to date, and it really made me feel like a true-blue traveler.


Thanks to Tina of The Frustrated Traveller for tagging me. This is long overdue, but better late than never eh? 
Turtle Turtle Turtle

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  1. so agree, outstanding photos + beautiful writing = great post!

  2. This is a great tag to showcase your previous posts. Lovely photos as always. Im so jealous of you & your travels =)

  3. hehe nice, kaya pala busy ka ha :D

  4. i think this is a good idea, a sort of a summary of what's happened in your blog. and you provided the links so it'd be easier for us to look into them.

  5. Lovely! Ngayon ko lang nabasa yung ibang posts mo, thanks to this one. Hehe! Btw, that first picture looks magical. Ang ganda..

    Choose Happiness

  6. Better late than never! Love your 7 links! And VG talaga ung Candaba series mo... dami ko nakuha dung tips at sana magamit ko na! hahaha! :D

  7. The first pic of the star filled dark blue sky with nature green picture is rated 5-star for me no wonder it is the most beautiful. Just like the post, Sunrise at Port of Banton, it is filled with beautiful scenic shots. How do you do that?! I enjoy reading and I'll read some more of these 7 links.

  8. aLiTaPTaP, Lestat, Marjorie, Nuna
    Thanks hehe, na-tag lang

    Haha oo nga, saw yours too =)

    Chyng, Ian
    Nasobrahan ata sa bulaklak yung first post eh =P

    Don't be, ikaw nga ang nasa UK jan eh =)

    Magagamit mo yun, basta shempre dapat punta ka Candaba hehe

  9. your shots are beyond beautiful..i really like the 1,2,4, and 5 picture.damn..