CAMARINES SUR | Caramoan Church, St. Michael the Archangel

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Caramoan Church

We were racing against the sun across Caramoan’s concrete roadways, cameras and tripods in tow, to catch the brick-laden cathedral we saw at the town earlier for the sunset.

We just came from a day of island hopping and since we were not able to finish off our tour on a blazing sunset, we planned to make do with the town’s church instead. Caramoan Church

The church looked old, and I found out that indeed it was.

Founded in 1619 by the Franciscans, its walls are made of bricks punctured by arched doors and windows. The brick walls were also reflected inside.

One thing I found really interesting is its ceiling which were made of unpainted patchwork of plywoods. Imagining an unpainted plywood-clad ceiling may not bring to mind grand things, but once you see the pattern it makes on the church’s curved ceiling, you’d see what I mean.

Caramoan Church

I also like the atypical cross on the church’s altar, which is not the usual symmetrical ones we see.

Located on the main avenue of the town, St. Michael Church was actually the first thing that snagged my attention as we went speeding by earlier that day.

Caramoan Church

It was the first thing we visited upon arriving, checking its brick facade and climbing its steep mezzanine. The church was beautiful then in the bright morning light, but it was during twilight when it really shines best.

Caramoan Church

Masses are held here daily, but as expected they are in Bicol. For those who don’t understand the local vernacular, they do have English masses on Sundays too.

I’m not sure if this church is already declared by the National Historical Institute as a national landmark, as I cannot recall seeing a marker along its walls. If it’s not, I strongly believe that it deserves a landmark status.

Caramoan Church


Click to view location on Google Maps

St. Michael the Archangel Church
Address: Barangay Tawog, Caramoan, Camarines Sur

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  1. I remember visiting this Church. I really love the red bricks as it gives off this rustic feel! Di na ako magkocomment sa photos! lol :D

  2. Super cool for a church ha... I wouldn't mind kahit na in Bicol ung mass nila.. Ganda.. I Ilkey!!!

  3. Ang ganda ng church! Great photos as usual. Cute nung may maya bird. :)

  4. interesting ceiling :>

  5. Ed
    Oo nga rustic sya, sayang nakalimutan ko sabihin sa blog ko yun haha


    Lai Marie
    My aunt actually attended the mass kahit Bicol sya =P

    Haha oo nga natsambahan ko yung birdie. Thanks! =]

    Aui Manila
    Interesting even if it's just made with plywood right? Hope they don't paint it someday, Filipinos love to paint over anything

  6. Pag ikaw na ang kumukuha ng pictures, parang gumaganda ng triple yung subject. Galing mo talaga dude!

  7. I missed this when I visited Caramoan in 2009, d ko kase alam na my church dun. hmmm.. your Caramoan series makes me want to go back to this town.

  8. Claire
    Salamat, tsempuhan lang ng magandang ilaw =)

    Thanks for dropping by Gael, balik na sa Caramoan (sama ako haha) =)