CAMARINES SUR | People Watching at Bagieng Island in Caramoan

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Girls Sashaying Under the Sun at Caramoan's Bagieng Island

Being stuck for a whole day on an island full of beautiful people can never be a bad thing. I was at Caramoan’s Bagieng Island (also known as Sab-itan/ Sabitan Laya Island), unable to hop to the next island on our list due to the ebbing tide. So what to do? I whipped out my camera, attached my telephoto lens and started photographing people from a distance.

Bikini-clad Beachgoers at Caramoan's Sabitan Laya IslandThe guys from our group were having a field trip looking at the beautiful gals sashaying in skimpy swimsuits across the white sand of Bagieng. The girls seemed much more liberated now when it comes to swimwear, gone were the days when all you can see are gals clad in denim shorts and loose t-shirts.

Walking on Low-Tide at Sabitan Laya Island in CaramoanFriends and lovers were all over the place, taking the opportunity for photo ops, never tiring to pose in front of the camera. Some of the more daring ones even climbed on the jagged rocks formations for a selfie at the top. Talk about effort.

Kids Busy on the Sand at Sab-Itan Laya Island in Caramoan 

Kids were also having a swell time playing on the soft sand of Bagieng’s beach. Once the low tide kicked in, they moved on to the shallower part of the waters, pails and shovels in hand, their parents looking on from a distance.

A Beach-Goer with Her Dog on Leash at Caramoan's Bagieng IslandAnd then there were also the pet lovers, unable to leave their cuddly critters at home; taking their sweet time strolling their cute dogs on the beach. No, I didn’t see no askals here.

A Boatman Anchoring His Boat at Caramoan's Bagieng IslandAnd lastly there were the boatmen and fisherfolks; going about their daily routine of bringing in tourists, anchoring their wooden outrigger boats, waiting at the call and beckon of their guests.
Walking the Stretch of Bagieng Island's Beach in Caramoan

After shooting all the landscapes and seascapes I can photograph, now I know there’s still more to being stuck at on a beach besides its beautiful sights. No need to hurry on hopping to the next Island in Caramoan!


Click to View Location on Google Maps

Bagieng Island / Sabitan Laya Island
Address: Caramoan Peninsula
Camarines Sur, Bicol Region
Entrance Fee:

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  1. nice concept sir christian! beautiful shots as always.. :)

  2. true, I love sitting at the beach and just watch the people do their things. I especially love watching kids enjoying the sand and sea. Beautiful photos :)

  3. lovely photos, as usual, bro! ganda ng view! LOL!

  4. MarLiesTravels, Astrid
    Thanks! Pag naubusan ka na talaga ng landscapes na pi-picturan, tao naman =P

    Haha yan din sabi ng mga tito ko eh hehe

  5. Nice work, Christian! I love sitting at the beach and watching people too.

  6. This must have been an enjoyable day for you ;)

  7. Nuna
    Thanks! Yup, especially beautiful people =P

    Haha di naman masyado =P

  8. Sarap sigurong maglakad sa beach,lalo na kung ganyan kaganda ang lugar..:)
    Ganda ng mga pics!!!... :)

    1. Thank you Tripper10, Caramoan is simple blessed with beautiful island beaches :)