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Monday, June 06, 2011

PNKY Travel Cafe in Baguio City

A new day in Baguio City found us hunting for our morning chow. We were looking for something we haven’t tried before and our feet (or taxi) led us to Leonard Wood Road and into PNKY’s driveway.

This is actually the second time we’ve visited PNKY (pronounced Pinky, but taxi drivers it seems are not familiar with   either PNKY or Pinky, so just tell them its in front of the Haunted Laperal White House in Leonard Wood Road) since they were closed on our previous visit. We got lucky this time; we caught them open at last.

This café is a traveler’s haven; everything inside speaks about movement. The tissue holders are shaped like lomo cameras, the counter is wrapped with a wall of travel lomographs, retro suitcases act as sidetables, a bulletin board of postcards is tacked on one wall, and then there’s their menu which is so so wonderful I’m dedicating my next post entirely about it.

The Lomo Counter at PNKY Travel CafeThe Travelized PNKY Cafe in Baguio City

After ogling and photographing all four corners of the café, we finally settled down on the outside benches and ordered our breakfast. I asked for their Filipino Breakfast (fresh fruit in season, rice, egg, coffee and Baguio longanisa - Php145.00) while L had the American Breakfast (fresh fruit in season, wheat bread, butter and jam, egg, coffee and ham - Php175.00).  We also ordered their Belgian Frites (Php85.00) for appetizers.

The outdoor dining area was comfortable, especially with Baguio’s chilly weather; parasols, wooden furniture, graveled floors all under the cool shades PNKY's Cafe's Outdoor Settingof huge trees. I can imagine sipping hot choco at night under this setting; it must be so nice to do an overnighter here.

We were too busy taking photos of their artful menu when our food arrived. Both meals were lacking fruits, which was indicated on the menu, but we really didn’t mind.

I liked the Filipino Breakfast. The longanisa were a mix of garlic and sweet ones over salad and mountain rice, I would have preferred if the sausages were all garlic but I forgot to ask the waitress if it was possible to have it that way. The egg was runny which was just right for my taste. On first glance, I thought the serving size looked measly but it was surprisingly filling.

The American Breakfast was okay too. It had double eggs, which was not indicated in the menu and which we specifically asked to be scrambled but were not. I’m not really into continental types of breakfast so I didn’t dig it that much.

The complimentary coffee that came with both meals was so-so, but the sugar and creamer jars made up for its ordinariness.

PNKY Dishes in Baguio CityThe Belgian Frites which was supposed to be our appetizers was late in coming. This is easily one of the best potato wedges I’ve ever tasted. It’s like a subtle version of KFC’s french fries (which I love dearly) with mayo and ketchup dip; very very tasty and very very filling.

One thing the café can definitely improve upon is their service. The staff were too aloof and unwelcoming, their minds seemed elsewhere.

Despite this, I can definitely say that PNKY Travel Café is one of the best places we ate out in Baguio. The ambience was very laid back, the outdoor setting soothing, the café’s theme interesting (especially for those into traveling and photography), food’s priced just right, and most importantly, the dishes are superb.

Inside PNKY Cafe in Baguio City The Complimentary Breakfast Coffee at PNKY Baguio CityThe Cozy Interiors of PNKY in Baguio City


Click to View Location in Google Maps PNKY Travel Café
Address: 18 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City
Contact Number: (074) 444-5418
Open Hours: The restaurant unfortunately has permanently closed since June 2014

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  1. The place reminds of Xocolat in Katipunan. Parang gusto ko mabisita ito minsan. It looks cozy. :D

  2. My friend owns the place! Hahaha. Although I haven't tried eating here yet. But we stayed at PNKY Home for a day and it was really nice. Very cozy and homey. =)

  3. PNKY is a joy, i just find it a little uncomfortable knowing that right in front of them is the white house, but you know me, matakutin heheh.

    but the place is really nice, and i love the frites too! and the homemade take home halaya.

    we'll come back here.

  4. looks like you found another winner here, I would love to try the Belgian frites too :)

  5. Next time I go to Baguio, I will visit this place :D Thanks for the info Christian :D

  6. Kim
    Hmm I need to check that place out =]

    Kami naman we haven't tried doing an overnight there, it looks like a good B&B

    Nyehehe layo naman nung White House eh

    Winner nga, wala akong (masyadong) complaints hehe

    No problem ma'am!

  7. We'll try to visit this place...
    Thanks Christian.. :)

  8. Hey!

    My friend's having a photo contest pala for PNKY. Just in case you're interested. =)

    I told her about this post kasi. Hahaha.

  9. Robbie
    Uy nagpa contest sya dahil sa post ko? Wow! =]

    Would have love to join kasi I don't use FB eh hehe, and I don't think I'll win by likes =P

    Sayang, free stay pa naman ang premyo [balak namin sana mag stay jan on our next Baguio trip]

  10. hindi ba sya malayo from sm?

  11. Anonymous
    Sorry for the late reply, medyo malayo sya from SM, just take a cab; alam naman nila kung saan yan :)

  12. If you are in the market or lower session road, malapit lang terminal ng mga jeeps, any jeep going navy base, maria basa, pacdal, mines view, etc., would surely pass by leonard wood road.