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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Night Market along Maharlika in Baguio City

Evenings at Baguio City do not end after having dinner, uhm well, at least for us.

We almost always meander through the city’s cold streets with our thick sweater and wool gloves on, trying out various street foods parked along street corners, sipping hot coffee from the roving vendors and browsing through the manyPiles of Secondhand Stuff at Baguio's Night Market ukay-ukay set up guerilla-style along the sidewalks.

Bargain hunters would be much pleased that the prices of the wares being sold in these kinds of ukay-ukay are much cheaper than the ones at their more permanent morning counterparts. Most of the stuff I saw were second-hand clothing apparels; jeans, shirts, shoes, jackets, shorts, socks (brand new ones, who’d buy a second-hand socks, right? hehe). There were also a few stuffed toys and bags.

Night markets, as they’re popularly called in Baguio City, start spreading out through the streets at around seven in the evening till about before midnight. Most of these can be found beside Harrison Road near Burnham Park and the streets adjacent to it, a few even extends along Maharlika at the foot of Session Road.

Like most urban centers in the country, Baguio at night is pretty safe if you practice good measures and stay along well-lighted and peopled areas.

So the next time you find yourself at the city, don’t deny yourself the opportunity to score some neat jackets or boots for rock-bottom prices; spare a few evening hours away from your hotel rooms and rummage along with the locals at Baguio’s fleeting night markets.

Baguio's Night Market

Baguio 2011 Series

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  1. marami rin sa hilltop, pero may certain time lang sila. parang sunrise and then sunset ulit.:)

  2. The place looks so alive! I wish I could visit Baguio soon!

  3. Blissfulguro
    Uy san banda ba yung Hilltop? Ma-Google nga =P

    Manila Girl
    Am also thinking of going back to Baguio as I was writing this article. I haven't been to Baguio during the rainy season eh =)

  4. As travelers, we should always be sensible especially during night time when roaming around the urban centers. Be watchful. Lively nightlife, aside from cool climate in Baguio adds to its beauty that enticed guests to come back.:-). Like me. I've just read your blog, I am now entice to go to Baguio since up to now, it remains my dream destination.

  5. Bonzeti
    Correct, it pays to be watchful at night. =)

  6. Parang Mas Gising ang Baguio kapag ah.. :)

  7. Tripper10
    Mas gising pa rin pag umaga, pero marami rin tao pag gabi =)

  8. Mura ba talaga yung mga itinitinda nila?

    Makapunta nga.. hahahaha... :)