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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Night Sky in Baguio City

As the sun goes down and the last embers of its wake fades to blue, tiny lights flicker on one after another from the houses that sits on across Baguio City’s hills. Evening arrives and everything starts to glow; the hills, totally illuminated by houses twinkling like Christmas lights on December nights.

Glowing Hills Along Baguio City HallFanciful as these seems, these light display has a not so good side to it. It is an indicator how urbanized the city has now become. The hills that were once lush with pines are now replaced by rows upon rows of houses. And their destructive growth seemed unstoppable.

Come morning, what was magical just a few hours ago reveals its true colors. Residential houses, towering buildings, stacked one after another, totally overpowering the greens of Baguio City. Baguio City's Sparkling HillsThe city had indeed paid the price of development, I just hope that it is not too late and the government’s doing something about it. Proper zoning, green architecture (albeit unconventional and expensive), and development moderation are all part of the solution for this crisis, but rehabilitation would take generations before the city is brought back to its old green-covered state.

Like a Mecca of sorts, Baguio City is almost always spoken with reverence among the Filipinos; let’s hope measures are taken for it to stay that way.

Houses Upon Houses in Baguio City Buildings, Pines, and Houses at Baguio City Baguio City's Skyline

Baguio 2011 Series

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  1. first picture = epic! :)we too believe that proper zoning should be done ASAP! :)

  2. ganda namn nung first pic!! splendid!!!

  3. Marlie
    It's gonna be a long while before we can see Baguio return to its pine-laden state, but let's hope steps are now being taken regarding this.

    Thanks hehe

  4. great pictures as always.
    right, there is indeed a price for development. however, there are NGOs like A2D that addresses concerns about wholistic development - not just some urbanized mayhem unrestrained by government and funded by the enterprising rich.
    it doesn't necessarily mean that green architecture is expensive, in fact here in Cebu, we have architects who've designed houses that are environmentally friendly and efficient - from the structure to the paint - for a reasonable price. :)

  5. Rehabilitation is never too late I guess, and we can only hope for the best.

  6. Fetus
    I mean the green architecture with garden roofs =]

    True true..

  7. awesome night shots bro! ang linis!

  8. Teng
    Salamat brad! Tripod lang ang katapat nyan hehe